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Freefallsonic 96


Total Plays:29,497
Contests Won:2
About Me:Changing
Member of the day on:December 16th, 2014

Freefallsonic is a very old member of sploder, around for 4 years, give or take a few months. He had many friends when he once joined, making him a great member. But tides turned when he said that jaden banned sceptile and he didn't do anything wrong, and got himself permanently banned. He was a very noobish member back then, but has learnt a lot from then to now. He begs of you to forgive his actions. He has once dated in the past. He has had a group of friends come to him every year, which he says is suspicious. First year he said he had 4 friends in his group, 2nd year he had 3, 3rd year he had many, 4th year he has 5.

He has had his name changed before too, it used to be something with a ton of numbers after it.

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