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Joined:December 2012
Total Plays:+ 200.000
Contests Won:13
About Me:[ǝɹᴉɐuoᴉllᴉW]
Member of the day on:August 21st 2014

Futuremillionare is a very popular member on Sploder. He is known as Meta Knight on the forums. Futuremillionare has made many fantastic featured games and most of them were platformers. He introduced ultimately spectacular concepts in his game Don't take a step, and it was taken into EGL Voting (Which failed). He is a Moderator, Reviewer and Editor.


  • Futuremillionare goes by the account of 4ninja4 on the forums. It's a normal non staff account on the MS. However, no one knows the reason how his 4ninja4 account shows up when "Futuremillionare" is typed on the members search since Sploder doesn't have the powers to recognize a ms user by alts.
  • His first favorite was PPG which turned into Platformer.
  • He was the host of the "Becoming a Soldier" Gameshow on June 2017 on the forums.
  • The word millionaire on his username is mispelled as "millionare", likely because of reaching the limit of username characters.
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