General Category.

"General discussions go in here..." - Geoff

The General Category is the first shown and listed out of the 8 main Forum Categories of the Sploder Community Forums, and is the most posted-in one to date. Anyone from the rank of Private to Administrator  can view it. In the General category, users discuss/chat with others about virtually any subject, whether it regards real-life events, media, games, books or the site itself. Socialization between users most often occurs here.

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General category (Post Vanilla Forums)

The General category is commonly where important announcements are made, such as possible upgrading of the site, new promotions of members or helpful tips on internet safety to those of Private rank. Multiple versions of the General category exist, such as The Barracks, the Bunker and the Lieutenants League.

The General category is one of the 6 main categories that an Applicant or Guest cannot see while viewing the Sploder Community Forums.


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