Joined:October/November 2017
Last Visit:Inactive account
Total Plays:445,686
Contests Won:0
About Me:Play my game and tweet it to Geoff.
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Geoffisonline was a view-exploited, now inactive Sploder member who is rumored to be an alt of sticki , although this isn't confirmed. The account reached level 250 in only 18 hours.

His game "Message to Geoff" was view-exploited to over 445,000 views, a game which has now been deleted.

Despite this, the account is ranked second in the Hall of Fame for Highest Ranked, (meaning the fastest member to reach level 250 from the time that they sign up) behind the Swedish Sploder member Nissanskyliner34 , an alternate account of Nuuu123123 , with Nissan being the fastest member of all time to reach level 250 without using an exploit program and under Sploder rules, it reached level 250 in 2 weeks and 0 days.

There are two more view-exploited accounts in the Hall Of Fame, namely Girltucker and Vaporwave, ranked at 7th and 8th place, Girltucker and his/her alt account Nanopixel, are permanently banned from Sploder, despite this they are still in the Hall Of Fame.

  • Geoffisonline was created during the period where Geoff was inactive on Sploder, and as an attempt to try and get Geoff back to the site, he view-exploited his "Message To Geoff" game
  • Oddly enough, he is not in the list for One-Hit Wonders in the Hall Of Fame, even though he only had one game and it had over 445,000 views, which would've placed him second on the list behind the exploiter, Girltucker.
  • The account is inactive ever since it reached level 250 18 hours after sign-up.
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