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The George is a large, primate-like enemy in the Sploder Platformer games. It is the 6th enemy to be listed on the Enemies and Hazards Game Creator Category. The George is an original game enemy.


The George closely resembles a gorilla, and is more than twice the height and size of the Player. Like with most tall muscular enemies, it's arms are a considerable size larger than it's legs. The George's skin is a dark purplish-grey, with black patches of hair surrounding it's head and shoulders. It has thick eyebrows, round white eyes and a half-oval nose.

Powers and Abilities

The George's attack pattern is very similar to a Rocky, except weaker in attack power and stature. Because of the George's size and weight, it can only fight effectively on land; despite this, the George is a formidable and deadly opponent. Without the help of Armor, Shield, or Hazards, the Player's likelihood of defeating a George is 1 out of 5.

Immense Strength: Using it's fists as it's main weapon, the George possesses an immense amount of strength, heavily damaging the objects around it when attacking. It's kick will knock the Player back farther than usual and will stun them when wearing level 2 Armor, only being ineffective if the latter is wearing Armor of level 3. One punch from the George deals 20% to the Players life bar, and that amount is doubled in a swinging crash.

Enhanced Durability: The George, being a large enemy, is highly durable, being able to take 15 strikes from the Player's Sword without being defeated. It can stay submerged in lava for 2 seconds without dying.


Swinging crash stuns damages.
Punch does 20% damage on you if you hold the sheild by pressing Shift
Kick knocks you back 3 Blocks


  • Flyinggeorge

    George glitch.

    When you use a powergluv on any enemy (including this one), and die, The enemy (george) will be still floating.

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