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Real Name:Unknown
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:Albania Albania
Last Visit:2018
Member of the Day on:September 1st, 2014

Gerald123, or G1 is an Albanian, still active, member of both the Sploder Community Forums and the Sploder Main Site. He is currently a Soldier (rank).

He is also currently the third most friended member on Sploder, with 24.9k friends, only Vaxen2 and Geoff have more friends, Vaxen2 having 68.2k friends and Geoff having 29.9k friends.

He is the fourth most friended user of all time. A permabanned user named Danger1 , had over 25k friends at the time of his ban.

All of his released 8 games are also featured with his most popular game being called "Asphalt" , a car driving game with over 14.7k views and 707 votes. He has 4 games with over 10.000 views.

He also has a very high amount of awards with 1581.

His "Awesomeness" stands at an astounding 95/100, the higher the "Awesomeness" meter is, the better the user is behaving and not breaking rules on Sploder.

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