Glitches are a fault in games which produces an unexpected result, usually from errors. Like any video game, Sploder has a handful of glitches. While some glitches are harmless, short-lived, and sometimes even entertaining, some can occur for a long time, break functionality, and even harm the game (usually known as bugs).

Red text glitch instructions: Glitches that are severe or can make an level/game unplayable/unwinnable.

Blue text glitch instructions: Glitches only available in the level editor.

Green text glitch instructions: Glitches that benefit the player when creating a level or playing a level.

Yellow text glitch instructions: Minor glitch that doesn't really affect gameplay. A level can be beaten even with these glitches implemented in the level.

White normal/classic text glitch instructions: Glitches that only affect enemies.

Pink text glitch instructions: Glitches that only affect some objects.

Purple text glitch instructions: Neutral.

Current glitches

Objects Off The Grid


13 blocks off a grid.

To do this glitch, you must grab a object that attaches to an invisible grid (example, blocks). Then right click while holding the object, and a menu will appear. Release the object before closing the menu, and your object should be off the grid.

Broken Escape Pod Ending Sequence

To do this glitch, Get in a car, Start holding up while under the escape pod, and start holding down immediately after. The escape pod will activate and you'll remain the car. Exiting the car will end the glitch. If you stay in the car, the camera will eventually lock and then the level is completed in a funky way.

Weird Platform Mechanics


When the gravity switch is touched, Gary goes down and player goes up.

When you touch the gravity switch while a enemy is on a platform, the enemy will go through the platform and go down but you will go upside down still. This glitch only works in tech world. The reason why this works is because enemies and other objects can't flip gravity and the retro arcade game thinks the top of the platform is not solid, only the bottom, Not just for the player, but for everything. A demonstration of those glitches: weird platform mechanics and broken dyson sprite can be found here

Broken Dyson Sprite


Geoff must fix.

If you damage a dyson when it's swimming, it will be using the sprite when it's stunned when it recovers from being stunned. It is unknown why this happens. The demonstration of this glitch can be found here.

Never-exploding Grenade


Beep beep beep beep!

When you pause and resume when a grenade is threw, it will not explode, and the beeping sound will still play. This glitch is happening in many games.



2 blockheads?

This glitch is very hard to do. There will be 2 blockheads. but you can add more blockheads or not. not much is known about it. An example can be found here.

Disruptor Atomic

Being hit by a disruptor with the Atomic power-up in effect will do some weird stuff. For example, when the disruptor energy wears off while atomic, your attacks will return to normal while you are still oversized and glowing. And if the atomic wears off while frozen, you'll not be glowing purple anymore but still stuck in place.

Flying Object/Enemy


A flying george

To do this glitch, you must get the PowerGluv. then move a wheel or a enemy anywhere you want (the air, etc) then die, the enemy is still floating. The demonstration on how to do the glitch can be found here.

Unnamed Glitch

Sometimes, When the platformer player dies, The physics in the level will fail(?). Weird things happen, The list of some things that happen, Nothing weird/strange happens to the platformer player, though:

  • The enemies will not attack you.
    • The enemies also will not move, nor fly. This applies to an ally.
  • If you go to any teleporter, It won't let you.
  • The log will still be going down, not going up when you stept on, But it can still be pushed up by the player.

Here is an example of the glitch:

The glitch is hard to perform, though, not much is known about the glitch.

Flying Blockhead

Blockhead Fly

Platformer Player flying.

When you touch the top of the crusher, You will fly all the way up to the sky. Getting damage, If you pause, you will leave an trail. Here is an demonstration of this glitch:

Escape Pod Ghost

2 Pods

An escape pod flying by itself (top-left)

When you die and get launched to an escape pod on your death, the escape pod will fly by itself, not letting you win the game. (Unless there is 2 escape pods to go, and the escape pod flying sound will still be playing)
there is ghost in it

―ollywollywoo in the comments of the "Glitches part 9 Escape Pod Goes" game on sploder.

The Wheel-less Jeep/Rover


What is this, Wheel farm..?

When a rover/jeep goes underground, It's wheels will teleport to the sky instead, and the rover/jeep will float up instead of teleporting too.

Frozen Blockhead

When you drive your rover/jeep to some windmills piled together (orange and purple windmills), A softlock will happen. The softlock is that the platformer player will freeze, but it will not stay in the rover/jeep, Keeping you to win. When you get to the escape-pod when you are frozen, it will not fly up, But the rover/jeep will continue to move.

Unnamed Glitch 2

When you pause at any physics puzzle maker game level's help, It will result in a softlock. If you try to open the level's help again or retry the level, it won't let you.

Unnamed Glitch 3

When the platformer player dies in some games, The flash player will freeze.

Annoying Sound

If you die while using the grapple, it's sound effect will keep playing forever, which can be quite annoying, Which will increase the music and SFX's volume.

Out of Bounds

Stuck Spider

An Wingman out of bounds because of an enemy or something else.

In some art games, You can go through the walls by the help of the enemies. Some people hate this glitch, It is annoying, But you will not be able to go back. This glitch applies to enemies too, even wingmen.

Unnamed Glitch 4

Get in the robot, hold space bar down, then press down then let go of it and the robot should keep punching without you doing anything.


Unnamed Glitch 5

Sometimes, if you draw something using the 7th shape type, It will not be shown when you are testing. An example:

Laggy Game Crash

Demonstration of Lag
When there is too many objects or enemies on the screen, the game will start to lag, some people consider this as an glitch, but when there appears even more objects or enemies on the screen, the lag will get worse and worse, and the game might crash.

Main Site Glitches

The following is glitches only available in the Main Site of Sploder.

Long Name Games

Cool glitch huh

2 Examples.

Not much is known about this glitch. It is hard to make. This glitch is used in crystal free fall games. with some names of "crystalsssssssssss".

Long Usernames


There is a glitch on the signup page that allows members to bypass the maximum username length (16 characters) to create usernames up to 20 characters (4 characters above the 16 characters limit). This is achieved by inspect element. An example of a 20 character username can be found here.

Friend Yourself

Robotpointo and Robotpointo
You can friend your own account by logging out, logging into your alt account, going to your main account profile, opening another sploder tab, logging out on the other sploder tab, logging into your main account, then going to the first sploder tab, Then friending yourself. You can best yourself anytime you want. Many people have tried this, Including robotpointo.

Country Flag Glitch

Im flag doesnt exist

dieran's actual country's flag does not show. (Circled in red)

Sometimes, the country flag of users in the "Who's Online Now" will not be shown but their country code will still be shown.
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