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Last Visit:May 2015
Total Plays:15,200 or 28,200 with both accounts
Contests Won:1
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Glitchymaster is a member in Sploder.


Glitchymaster was a popular Sploder game-maker mainly for his game Sceptile vs. Geoff. Ultimate battle, which got him more than half of his views, at a high number of near 8,000. The game was also a contest winner and was one of the most popular on the site at its time. 

Quest To Feature

In January 2012, Glitchymaster said on the forums that he wanted to get a featured game. On February 23, 2012, he published a game titles "Dry Prison", a Platformer Game that he said was his first attempt. Editors said that it was "very impressive", although it did not achieve the title of a featured game. 

In March 2015, Glitchymaster stated that he is currently in the process of creating another game which he hopes will be featured. He stated that it will be a Platformer game, titled "Purple Darkness". as of May 2015, it still has not yet been released. When released, this will be his first game in over a year, assuming it is released in 2015. His latest game was released on March 20th 2014, it was a level 250 celebration game.

Sceptile Controversy

In 2012, there was a lot of controversy over Glitchymaster. 

When sceptile was banned, there was a major argument over Glitchymaster. He was supposedly one of the few members to report Sceptile's bribe to jaden on the forums. After this, Glitchymaster said he would never again return to sploder, although he returned in early 2014. He said that he "didn't report sceptile to the moderators" and that he "isn't a snitch". It was later revealed that he did not log into the forums the entire week that the incident occured.


A sploder member blaming Geoff and Glitchymaster for the Sceptile Ban.


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