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Goldoptimus is a member on Sploder who is currently a Reviewer, and is hoping to become a Mainsite Moderator in the nearby future. He is a mainsite office employee on the Sploder Community Forums (as of the 4th quarter of 2016). He is working on several 3D platformer games that are set to be released by the end of 2017. He's very good friends with users who ignore all drama such as pepperedSteak and Powerup123313. He greatly respects Theloaf56 and is hated by Thewafflelord, beachball, and 12stasia. All of his games are privated for unknown reasons. He was the first person to suspect Knee of being Anytephius, and got hate for it. The same thing happened to him when he suspected Beachball of being Sniperwolf8890. When and if he becomes Moderator, he plans to find all troublemakers before they are even reoported. Goldoptimus's Sploder Profile Goldoptimus's Forum Profile Games related to Goldoptimus Graphics related to Goldoptimus

About goldoptimus

"Play my stupid games and join my stupid group :D "


Pumping iron (gotta get those abs to perfection BRO.) Riding my bike, feeding random animals I find outside, talking to my virtual friends AND my real life friends, watching YoUtUbE memes, having conversations with your car alarm

Favorite Sports

Sock her, Dodge Man, Base Boy. I'm pretty good at base dude just ask anyone.

Favorite Games

Pokemon series, Mother series, Smash Bros series, Super Mario 64, Splatoon, Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie

Favorite Movies

Transformers (1986), Wreck It Ralph, and Avengers

Favorite Bands

tame impala,arctic monkeys, DEATH GRIPS!!! (i am noided), swans,kendrick lamar (fantano trio), not twenty one pilots though they're not good, of course I like jimi hendrix, gorillaz

Whom I Respect



Goldoptimus's Information

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Basic Info

Level: 250 Games: 5
Awards: 166 Graphics: 12+
Friends: 5193 Total Views: 160,512
Play Time: 0:03 Total Votes: 2,893


Votes Cast: 90 Comments made: 3757 view »
Vote average: Fullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.png Tributes made: 2
Group Memberships: 6 Group Ownerships: 1


5-star faves: 2005 Comments received: 4520
Favorites: 272 Tributes received: 1
Comment rating: 1.1504 Contests won: 2


Forums nickname: goldoptimus Registered: January 21, 2013, 04:33 PM
Status: Guard Stars: Fullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.png
Posts: 3,210 (2.338 per day) Karma: +564/-13
Personal Text: Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control
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Goldoptimus's Games

Games made: 5

Games Maze of TrapsSequenceA GoldOptimus UpdateScribblenauts Sploder DEMOUpdated Intro

"Maze of Traps"

Release Date: 9·27·16

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 1

Views: 32

Rating: Fullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.pngHalfstar.pngEmptystar.png 3 Votes

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Release Date: 11·24·13

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 2

Views: 113

Rating: Fullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.pngHalfstar.png 3 Votes

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"A GoldOptimus Update"

Release Date: 8·1·13

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 1

Views: 313

Rating: Fullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.pngEmptystar.png 33 Votes

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"Scribblenauts Sploder DEMO"

Release Date: 5·12·13

Creator: Physics

Levels: 2

Views: 99546

Rating: Fullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.pngEmptystar.png 157 Votes

Tags: here, was, prav, overrated

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"Updated Intro"

Hey guys!I'm back and better than ever!Thats right,a new season!I hope you guys enjoy!

Release Date: 12·30·12

Creator: Physics

Levels: 1

Views: 164

Rating: Fullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.pngFullstar.pngEmptystar.png 27 Votes

Tags: awesome, intro, amazing

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Goldoptimus's groups: 1

Goldoptimus's group memberships: 6

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Level: 30769

Members: 296

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Now celebrating becoming the first group on Sploder to reach over 1,000,000 members! Free awards to those who ask. No seconds! Feel free to do whatever in here, advertising is allowed.

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The History of Goldoptimus

Timeline: Early Life, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Early Life

Yet unknown. (please be kind and find information to fill in)


Goldoptimus joined sploder.


Yet unknown. (please be kind and find information to fill in)


Yet unknown. (please be kind and find information to fill in)


Yet unknown. (please be kind and find information to fill in)


Yet unknown. (please be kind and find information to fill in)

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