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Graphics Creator allows users in Sploder to create their own graphics and insert it on Physcis Puzzle Maker Games (PPG). Graphics Creator gives a lot of possiblities to the users. It can be said that Graphics Creator is the reason why Physics Puzzle Maker still tops as the most used and favoured creator. After an update made on May 2013 users were able to use their graphics in Platformer Game Creator too.


  • 20x20 Pixel - Used to create low-quality graphics, it can support animation. Newcomers to Sploder would often use this at their own expense. Newcomers like to use these until they are used to sploder's features.
  • 40x40 Pixel - Used to create medium quality graphics, it can also support animation. It is the highest point at which users can make detailed graphics while moving, and is used most often.
  • 60x60 Pixel - This is used to create very high quality graphics, especially for those who fall within the artistic category or who are in appreciation for descriptive drawing and sketching. The only fault to this, is that it does not support animation. However, templates are offered which you can trace to aid you with your work in replace of this fault. Templates are outlines of items/power-ups used in the Platformer Creator, allowing you to customize your player or foes and the surrounding background of the game.


  • It behaves sometimes similar to a drawing program.
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