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Real Name:Various
Age:Various years old
Birth Date:Various
Country:Unkownflag Various
Member of the Day on:December 17th 2014

Guest is a member in Sploder. The only thing that is special about this account is that it has been "online" for many years. This account is the account used by guests. If one or more guests are online, the account goes online.



  • Many myths and speculation has been surrounding this member and his activity. No one really has no idea whether it is just a glitched account or perhaps something else.
  • Some people call it the creepypasta of Sploder. 

Theories and Rumours:

  • Some other people say this account was made by an admin or mod and when all the guests are offline then the account goes offline but even if the account is offline, it won't ruin it's activity of 5 years but that is also unlikely because guests can't favorite games but the account has 16 favorites and only 2 shows up on Guest's profile.
  • There was also a rumor saying this user died while he was online, however it is very unlikely.
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