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Real Name:Unknown
Age:17 years old
Birth Date:December 9th, 2002
Country:Malaysia Malaysia
Joined:April 2010
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harchunwai3 is an underrated member of Sploder which joined on April 2010. He is best known for having his own version of series which most of them can be made through Platformer Creator.


Basic Info

Awesomeness: 75%
Level: 45 Games: 258
Friends: 120 Total Plays: 2,404
Play Time: 0:16 Total Votes: 144
Awards: 2 Graphics: 2


Votes cast: 119 Comments made: 189 view »
Vote average: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstar (rounded-off) Tributes made: 2
Group Memberships: 7 Group Ownerships: 0


5-star faves: 66 Comments received: 76
Favourites: 3 Tributes received: 0
Comment rating: -0.3 Contests won: 0



2010: Sploder debut

He started playing RuneScape on February 2010, with the username harchunwai3 due to brother influences. He officially joined Sploder on April 2010 under the same username. Indeed, throughout this year, he only published the first 2 games, Ultimate Survival and Robot Attack. Both 2 games are made with Classic Shooter Creator. Until now, Ultimate Survival was a minor success with only acquiring under 20 views.

2011: Game expansions, various series debut

Despite being more active in 2011, he published a total of whooping 78 games throughout the year. His games was expanded to various game creators. At the same year, Wipeout and Worm series debuted where both of the series are made with Platformer Creator. On April 21st, 2011, one of his standalone game Race was a huge success, with a whooping 40 views, it became one of his representative game of 2011. Other notable standalone games published in 2011 were Hardest of All Computer Core Hackin, 2 games to allow, How to Lose, Too Much Players and Volcano Bonanza.

Due to scheduling conflicts, he entered a 7-month hiatus. His last game published in 2011 was Keys on June 1st, 2011.

2012: Rollercoaster Debut

2012 was his big year where he published 120 games in total, obviously more than he did last year. His first game after the 7-month hiatus was Wipeout Australia which published on February 22nd, 2012. He also started to make rollercoaster games later next month, his first rollercoaster game was The longest rollercoaster in ever which published on March 1st, 2012. Despite a slow start of his rollercoaster games, but another standalone game Play the Ipod 2 was another success, acquiring over 50 views.

On August 2012, also giving another wave of success, with over 25 views. Followed by Epic Rollercoaster 6 which did the same later in the next month. Apart from rollercoaster games, Glitch series debuted in November 2012, despite being bad comments and low ratings, the series was discontinued.

Other notable games in 2012 including Underground Rollercoaster , Trapped and Ambushed , How to lag on escape pod and Escape from School.

2013, 2016: Ending series, hiatus

Despite the Glitch series have been ended and some future plans on ending Wipeout series, he entered 2nd wave of hiatus shortly after publishing 7 games in 1 week. His only notable effort was Glitch 12: Dead in the escape pod, which was the only game published in 2013 to reach 10 views.

After 39 months of hiatus (literally 3 years and 3 months), he issues a comeback with Season 3 Opening which marks the end of his 2nd hiatus. After issuing some standalone games, he once again entered a hiatus due to scheduling issues.

2020: Return, 10th anniversary

After encountering his recent hiatus (45 months, literally 3 years and 9 months), he comeback once again with Return. Despite it was the last year before Flash departed from Chrome, he tried to be active as many as he can. During the year, he continues the work for the 11th Wipeout game before being replaced by its spinoff series Sploder Sasuke. He also issues the reboot for the Chapter Trilogy, called Chapter 4.

On late March 2020, he issues the debut of Sploder Sasuke. His first game in the series became huge attention as the view count broke the previous record by Play the Ipod 2, reaching over 100 views due to placing round 1 of its related tournament. He planned to release a 10th anniversary game in April 2020. The 10th anniversary exclusive game was released on 13th April, 2020 as a preparation for future sequels.

Just a few days after the publish of the game, he is planning to release a new series, but he has no idea for the new series to be held about, causing various game drafts which pretend to be unpublished. On April 20th, 2020, he was announced that he will barely make games due to not having any ideas for future games. Because of that, his awesomeness have been decreased to under 70%.

On May 1st, 2020, he issued A Very Important Announcement saying he might announce his fourth retirement possibly due to switching careers. However, 2 weeks later, he denied it and comeback with Eight: Not by the Brine and Chapter 5. Because of the popularity of Chapter 5 which was suddenly released without any notice, his awesomeness returned to over 70%. On May 23rd, 2020, he issued Eight: The Nocturne, which is a B-side from its previous game. Many rumours that he has a new series until May 28th, 2020, where he eventually released Eight: Give You Up alongside a collection named Eight and stated as a single.

Fandom/Wikia career

He joined Sploder Wiki on April 10th, 2020 as Harchunwai5, which was already an account since few years ago. He did over 10 edits everyday and very active there for some reasons. He is also known for having a Medallion-o-Luck for having the 34,000th edit on the wiki. Because of his fast-growing contributions, he earned a lot of badges which is now currently placing him 3rd in the achievements leaderboard.

On May 18th, 2020, he received a platinum award from 1twenty1guns on the Sploder Main Site because of his massive member edits on the wiki, including 1twenty1guns. It was his first award since March 2012, where it was made by tommy123 for making a tribute to him.

During his Fandom/Wikia career, he contributed in several wikis. Because of this, his source coding is strong and still evolving.

Other Usernames

Username Notes
Current nicknames
harchunwai3 Current Sploder account username
harchunwai5 His Fandom/Wikia account name
cwrpg02 His current username which was used in various platforms, including Discord.
Past nicknames
nothing His past fixed names is various io games


Harchunwai3 currently made a total of 120 friends so far. He has originally 40 bested friends as shown in the friends list, but due to most of his bested friends were retired, he removed some of it. The list below are his current bested friends:

arron1996 gerald123 kennethoon1234 splatter atusk59
mat7772 gameon100 alexpaterson dylanwar09 ellricjoseph
brian0629 gamerguyxd12 echothegrate karstenlol drakean21
coolkiller555 silentmic2 exposure alejakto freeonlinegames3
moolatycoon vaxen2 andydandy tommy123


He is now very active on Discord since July 2018 for some reasons and somewhere his brother also joined Discord later on. However, he is now obviously playing Discord bots like Pokecord, Epic Rpg, TAO, Tatsu and much more.

Other than that, he also often listen to Spotify at least once everyday or two. Because of that, he created 5 public playlists where every playlist denotes different language tracks.

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  • One of his game Quiz Rollercoaster 2 which published on March 12th, 2020 was his first game to be nominated in a weekly contest, but failed to become contest winner.
  • He gave up creating games using the Physics Puzzle Creator due to graphical issues. Because of that, he often create games with Platformer Creator.
  • He has a brother called silentmic2.
  • In every wiki edits, he always use Source Mode just to prevent any bugs caused in the Visual Mode.


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