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The member account known as Head3000 was an infamous cyber bully on Sploder who made hate games about Poostudios and other members and was later perma banned for this reason. She was also known for being obessed with the Pokemon character May. She made a bunch of hate games on her alts in which May would hurt or kill other users.

Moderators started searching IPs matching Head or any of her alts and they later found Poostudios matching her Immahead alt IP. He was banned for this and later perma banned for ban evasion. When the final IP search came up Head3000 didn't match any well known users IP apart from Poostudios, leading many to believe Poostudios is the original account starter. She also is friends with other controversal members like Abcilikepie.

The user's password was revealed by someone and a bunch of users started to compromise the alts created by Head3000. Most of the games Head3000 made were deleted by them. Head3000 finally left Sploder in 2014.


Head3000 made several alts but here are a few of her most notable ones:

  • Sploderdestroyer
  • Immahead was probably the most infamous alt she made. The account created a massive uproar on the main site, and the user recieved 10 or so messages a minute. In only one day, the account recieved a few hundred views and a over a hundred pages of comments. Later, the password of the user was revealed and then some users logged into the account and deleted all of the hate games. The user gained so much attention that the staff account made a game addressing the incident.


Impersonators Over time there have been many impersonators of Head3000 and her alts. One notable account was Immahead1 who instead of making hate games about Poostudios  made hate games about Greenrabbit7. This eventually grew out of hand and the account was suspended ending the chaos. There have also been other serious incidents of Head3000 impersonators getting banned/suspended around Sploder.


Evilmay was an account that was based off Head3000.


  • It is a common belief that anyone who spots a head related account is an impersonator.
  • Head3000 impersonators are usually banned on sight by mods due to their well known behavior of causing trouble.
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