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Ikeagames 96


Joined:November 16th, 2013
Last Visit:July 20th 2019
Total Plays:30,178
Contests Won:10+
About Me:I am IKEA and I am made with wood. Represented by every family in Denmark.
Member of the day on:September 6, 2014

Ikeagames is a popular member on Sploder.

He is well known for his fun games and a community of accounts with name "Ikea." There are over 60 ikeagames accounts so far and perhaps more.

The name "IKEA" most likely comes from the Swedish furniture company of the same name.


Ever since Ikea joined Sploder, he has leveled up at an alarming rate and has thousands of plays for his games. He has gotten a wide variety of love and support from various Sploder members for his games, which are both fairly challenging and  incredibly wacky and entertaining. He made his first game 'ikeagame 1' back on November 16th, 2013 which recieved positive reviews and a fair amount of plays from sploder members. As of 2019, Ikea has not made any new games and seems to be retired. He still occasionally visits the site and plays games.

Ikeagames 96

Ikeagames original avatar.

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