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Jackboymogura123 96


Joined:December 2011
Total Plays:6,830
Contests Won:0
About Me:I was born in August, and I appeared twice on the Hall of Fame, like I wanted to. As of November 2014, I am now a moderator. I have over 15,000 friends.
Member of the day on:September 16 2014

Jackboymogura123 is a moderately active Sploder member. However, back in 2012, he was a very active member. He is also a moderator.

About Jackboymogura123

Jackboymogura123 has been an active member on Sploder since 2011. He has thousands of friends on Sploder. Some of the first accepted friend requests that were sent from and to him include Sceptile, Buthurt, John2938, Looplooploop, Nolanalexanderhunt, among others. Back then, he made several dozen games, all of them being amateur or unprofessional games.

In mid-2012, he made over 1,000 friends on his friend list. Also, he made Gumby-related games at that time, as well as the first public Gumby graphics.

Later in 2012, Jackboymogura123 made the first part of an Elmo Quest that has other parts still being in production to this date. Also he made other games during this era, including Dot, Cyber Farm, and Tessellation: The Beginning.

In 2013, he became inactive, but Jackboymogura123 still had activity, and he reported Abcilikepie to the moderators on the Sploder Forums. He has not published any games ths year.

In August of 2014, Jackboymogura123 became active again. He now has more than 6,000 friends, and he started developing Hydra and Heracles.

During the fall of 2014, Jackboymogura123 reappeared on the Hall of Fame once again, this time for being one of the most friended users. He has made some new games, and he became a new moderator.



  • Jackboymogura123 is Bijesnazaba's first friend.

Member Of The Day

Jackboymogura123 was the Member Of The Day on September 16th 2014.

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