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Jackjoshseb is currently a Moderator, Reviewer and Editor on the Sploder Main Site.
He is Australian as the flag suggests.
He is a Lieutenant on the Sploder Community Forums.
He joined on October 8th 2011.
He has currently over 34 featured games.
He is currently level 249 and has only 41 friends.
He has 2 games in the EGL, including Doppelganger and King Aegon.
A Feast For Crows and To Be Made God Bleed has been one of his most popular games.
His best friends include Elroysice, Mat7772 and Jcaldwell.

Games In EGL

King Aegon


  • He is one of the fastest people on Sploder with the most features to be inducted in the Hall Of Fame on the Mainsite.
  • Members as of late 2013/2014 confuse him with Vpopsiclev because their avatars are similar.


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