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Jacobplayz 96


Joined:December 16th 2013
Total Plays:12,473
Contests Won:2
About Me:Hello, my name is JacobPlayz and I'm a Sploder member. I mainly make comedy games. I also have major eczema which makes life very hard to pass through.
Member of the day on:November 6th 2014

JacobPlayz is a member who joined in December 16, 2013 and he is currently at Level 213 and he also has over 90 games. He also levels up fast because he has a good amount of views on his games and he has over 1,600 friends. He was introduced by 10liamsl on Christmas Day. Before he was unknown. Although, JacobPlayz is not very active. When he first started Sploder, he was one of the most active members. He would go on Sploder everyday.


When he first started Sploder, his main friend was Pizzazombie. He was a nice guy but he left Sploder in January, 2014. Then, he made friends with a member named 5mister. Weeks later, he became his best friend and he is still his best friend. He also have some other best friends like EmeraldFlame, Flyzer, 10liamsl and many more. 


JacobPlayz has over 130 games with 8,334 views. His most popular game is Minecraft 2D with over 1,800 views. His first game only hit 32 views. He wanted more views so he made SkyDoesMinecraft Quiz which hit 370 views in a month. He also made "Time Machine" and other popular games. He is very good with the Physics Game Maker. 

Time Periods of Jacobplayz

Beginner Time

JacobPlayz was major noob at Sploder. He would upload weird games that don't match the title. When it was Christmas, he realized that his games were strange and weird so he decided to learn more about Sploder.  On Christmas, he created a game called "Box Wars" which was pretty good. He thought that he should give it a Christmas title though so he changed it. On January 7th, he met Pizzazombie who was a friendly person. They became best friends. Pizzazombie quit on February though because he got mad. He searched for new friends until he found 5mister and Flyzer. They were best friends so I decided I can join their group but he never realized that 5mister's group was created by a lot of people! 

Fame Time

JacobPlayz made a game called "SkyDoesMinecraft Quiz" and it got 375 views in 1 week. People played it and liked it. He started making more games and his views were growing. He also made the most friends in this period. He made friends with EmeraldFlame who was a nice member. He hit 1,000 friends and 5,000 views by May 23, 2014. He also made "Why Kids Shouldn't Be Drunk" which got 570 views in 2 weeks. He was happy about this period of time.

Dormant Time

JacobPlayz became inactive for about 5 weeks until he came home from Hawaii. When he came home, he created a game called "Minecraft 2D" which hit 1,800 views in 1 month. It was a major success! He would get a bunch of fan comments and hate comments too. 

Note: JacobPlayz just came back and made several games! 

Another Fame Time

JacobPlayz became more active and continues to make games. He currently re-made "Why Kids Shouldn't Be Drunk" and makes a comedy series called "5 Ways to Get Banned on Sploder" which got him a lot of views. Many people like it but there was a few hate comments. He also made 2 sequels to "5 Ways to Get Banned" and the whole series of the 5 Ways to Get Banned games got 800 views total. It was a major success and he even made it on the hot pages for a day. He also deleted most of his non-viewed games. He used to have 154 games and he now has 90 games due to bad quality games and unseen games.


JacobPlayz has games that are viewed a lot, having a total of 11,900 views but he has an alternate account named stonecraft100 which is also popular due to the FNAF2 game that got 3k views.


  • Jacobplayz changed his avatar many times in order to look good.
  • In the Beginner Time, he met a sploder member named "slenderwoman66" who later became enemies after slenderwoman66 kept spamming things on JacobPlayz's messages.
  • 3 or 4 of his games are on thebluesun's Sploder Game Review on YouTube. Check it out!
  • Jacobplayz has a 2 year old sister.
  • Jacobplayz and 5mister are best friends who oftenly talk and both share similar games such as "Why Kids Should" games and some game movies too.
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