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Gender:Original account owner is Female
Age:Original account owner is 10
Joined:February 2015
Total Plays:Not many at all
Contests Won:0
About Me:Tell Geoff to suspend me because I deserve it.
Name:Original account owners name is Caitlyn
Member of the day on:No day

Katyperryvevo1 was original an alt of Katyperryvevo, but was hacked by Mena5000 in February 2015. He made a game about her password, which lead to Disgusting hacking it. He is still one of the main hackers of this account to this day. This lead to lots of users hacking her, like Megarayquaza, Spaceface2, Hictooth14, and maybe even Plasticool. All of those users except Plasticool are good users who deleted the bad games. But the account gets more hackers every single day. The account is still not suspended yet, which people have no idea why.

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