Real Name:Unknown
Age:17 years old
Birth Date:2003?
Country:United states United States
Last Visit:June 2019
Alternate account of:kai2003
Member of the Day on:December 16th, 2015
May 18th, 2015 (old account)

Kidney is a pretty popular member on Sploder . He also has a presence on the Sploder Forums. He earned 1 feature with his game Minigame Madness and got over 12,000 views thanks to it. 

Early presence on (early 2013)

In 2013, Kidney joined Sploder as Kai2003 after playing numberous of times Skyukry's Boboiboy Prototype Game because he was a fan of the show. After joining, Kidney published his first ever game - Breakout Time. It was not the best but it was his first game, and he only joined Sploder. A few months later, Kidney got improved at making Platformer games and made some below-average story telling Platformer.

Physics games and Five nights at Freddy's (2014)

Kidney started the Physics Puzzle Maker (PPG) in early 2015. His first ever PPG games are about hating on Baongu and Why kids shouldn't movies. Then, he got banned after making an innapropriate game about what you should do after shower (wash your thingy) but didn't get banned since the game barely got any attention. He then went on to his alt - Baongu and pretend to be his 5-year-old cousin and made an innapropriate game about cutting the penis. The account Baongu later got banned after a few months since the game was released... Kidney also made a few Platformer games and only got about 30 views per game.

S.S.M and FNAF (May 2015 - August 2015)

Kidney then left Sploder for a few months since he found it boring then came back. On March 2015, Kidney found out about the new SploderHeads Mutiplayer Game and tried it out. Kidney was in love with it, and decided to stay on Sploder. It was at that time Kidney met a member called Gamergirlxd and they became friends. He then met another member called Shasha123go (Sheilagirl10), RandoePewdiekids1 (Thewafflelord). Then he found out about an Anti-hacker club called S.S.M (Strong Sploder Members). It was at that time that Kidney was associated in many meetings and fighting hackers activities. 

Then Kidney found out Five nights at Freddy's. He was in love with the game and while scrolling through the pages of Sploder, he found out about Cookiesandsmiles. She made 2 FNAF arts and got over 1000 views with them, so Kidney also tried and do the same thing. On his first ever FNAF art of Old Chica, he got about 300 views on it. He continued doing the same thing until he published Springtrap Simulator and got more than 1000 views thanks to it. The V2 of the game itself earned more than 2000 views - that's only a few hundred views below the  views count of a featured game.

It was also about that time Kidney came up with an idea of a S.S.M group chat when talking with Gamergirlxd (or Tori) on Hangouts. He then asked for the member's Google names. Then he added them into a group chat called S.S.M Hangout (later renamed to Sploder Hangout). The group was up until the S.S.M was torn apart when Randoe left Sploder and other members was tired of fighting "hackers" and "protecting Sploder".

Physics and Sploder Forums (September 2015 - October 2015)

After the break up of the S.S.M, Kidney and Pewdiekids1 decided to go on his own path into game making. With the PPG skills, he published Physics (now known as Minigame Madness). When it was first out, it didn't get too much attention. He then advertised the game on the Sploder Forums and got massive love from members. Then, an editor called 0minutes  featured the game. Then it got loads of views and comments, Kidney was having a plane crash! A few hours later, Epicosauruss unfeatured the game because of the poor gameplay and scenery. His comments got 10 downvotes after the game was unfeatured. 

When Sheilagirl10 left Sploder, Kidney matured himself posted more positive comments and less hacker-related ones. Since that, Kidney was really active on Sploder Forums and finally fit in.

Pixelpie and real games (October 2015 - Present)

Kidney is also a Moderator on a forum called Pixelpie which is ran by Sheilagirl10 after she left Sploder. He then made friends with Beachball. At first, he suspected that Beachball was Pewdiekids1, but finally had enough evidence to prove that he isn't.

He then started making real games and got a couple Editor's feedbacks. His October games are mostly Shooter because he ran out of ideas for PPG. It was also at that times Kidney and Theyellowbrick became really close friends on Google Hangouts and discussed about games together. 

On January 2016, Kidney republished Physics as Minigame Madness on his new account. It also got featured by Troyio and got loads of possitive feedbacks. After a few days since the game was featured, NitrogenDioxide wrote a review on the game. Kidney then published another shooter called Recovery which got about 200 views and a review written by M11dsauce. Not far from the release of RecoveryMinigame Madness 2 was released due to the popularity of the original game. It however wasn't featured and the editors were quite quiet on the feedbacks. 

Kidney also announced that he is working on a game called Kidneyland which will come out for EGD10.

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