The Kikuchiyo.

The Kikuchiyo (Kee-Koo-Chee-Yo) is a Human Enemy in the Platformer games creator. The Kikuchiyo's gender is presumably male. Kikuchiyo is based on the Ancient Japanese Era. His description says he is a "Large Samurai warrior", which explains his Samurai-like Armor and composure. The Ninja, the Mongol, and the Archie are the only Japanese-Samurai based enemies besides the Kikuchiyo in the Platformer Games creator. It is often used as a boss enemy.


The Kukichiyos appearance is that of a common Platformer enemy. His head is bigger in proportion to its body, and he dons a black mask worn across from the back side of his neck. He displays empty black eyes and a helmet serving as Armorforthehead. The helmet itself has an orange orb in the center with 2 bent wrapped bands of cloth tied around his head like the mask. The Kikuchiyo has large, red, striped and rectangular padded Armor for his shoulders.

His chest armor is decorated with a black indent symbol and is ash grey in color. His Arms are extremely similar to the Platformer Games creator Players; Black clothes for arms and black leather gloves. The Armor surrounding the pants in which the Kikuchiyo uses as clothing has the appearance of a short steel loincloth. The Kikuchiyo has sagging black pants, red leg-bands, and small black boots.

Battle Data

The Kikuchiyo is in the upper-class section of Platformer enemies. The Kikuchiyo weilds a white sword equivalent to the length of both his hands, in which he attacks the player and damages. The Kikuchiyo's speed surpasses the player, at an average of 110-135%. (His speed slows down when colliding with a wall or block, forcing him to start recharging his own speed repeatedly.)

When the player has no Armor or Shield on, the Kikuchiyos blade deals out 20% damage with each swing. (In a swinging crash, the damage is 0%.)

  • When the Player uses a Shield to defend against the Kikuchiyos blade, the damage becomes 4%-5%.
  • With level 1 Armor equipped to the player, the Kikuchiyo blade inflicts 17%-18% damage.
  • With the level 2 Armor equipped to the player, the Kikuchiyo blade inflicts 12% damage.
  • With the level 3 Armor equipped to the player, the Kikuchiyo blade inflicts 10% damage.

The Kikuchiyo is also capable of doing a crouching stab , just like the capabilities of the Player .

  • Player (No armor) 11%-13% damage.
  • Player (Shield) 1%-1.5% damage.
  • Player (Level 1 Armor) 7%-9% damage.
  • Player (Level 2 Armor) 3%-4% damage.
  • Player (Level 3 Armor) 1.5%-2% damage.

Statistics for battling a Kikuchiyo

(The percentages in statistics here round up 0% to 100% of the Players health, and their Damage Ratios.) It takes the Player up to 20 consecutive hits with the sword alone to kill a Kikuchiyo. (5% of the Kikuchiyo's health.) When the Player is equipped with the Atomic, it takes the sword 7 consecutive hits to kill the Kikuchiyo. In a swinging crash, the Players sword inflicts 9%-11% damage to the Kikuchiyo. When equipped with an Atomic, the Players swinging crash with the sword inflicts 30% damage to the Kikuchiyo.


  • Besides the Sploder enemy Kikuchiyo, Kikuchiyo is known as a character in both the Anime "Samurai 7" and a movie character in the 1950's film "Seven Samurai." The Kikuchiyo in the Samurai 7 Anime is depicted as a comic relief character who is boistrous and tends to interrupt or accidently cause trouble. Of the Samurai he is last to be killed, and has a mechanized exo-skeleton.
  • The Kikuchiyo in the Seven Samurai movie is a more minor character that fakes his way into noble birth but proves his worth as a Samurai. The name "Kikuchiyo" translates to "Armored Guardsmen," or "Guardian in Armor."
  • Its movement pattern is very similiar to that of a Ninja, and is the only large foe in the platformer to be faster than the player.

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