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Real Name:King990
Age:14 years old
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:Canada Canada
Member of the Day on:March 25th, 2016

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"Hey, i'm king990... i'm a friendly game maker."


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Well here are the best people on sploder: StrikerHawk,Kraz,Lavalinn,Saygouro,Glow001,

Upcoming bests: ????maybe you?????


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King990 96
Names Descriptions Release Date creator Views Votes
"Alone...." SO this is my first classic game. It is a experiment i have been wanting to try. I know the game is bad... But have fun anyway.. 5·3·16 Classic 448
Fullstar Fullstar Fullstar Fullstar Emptystar
22 Votes
"Aristocracy" Instructions: use mouse to click objects or drag. Interact with objects to kill your target .................................................................................... Story: you are a poor man whos familly has been killed by RichCo. After years of anger you have found a rebel organisation who wants to serve justice to RichCo in some not to legal ways. You want to find the leader of RichCo and kill him. but in order to do so, you must show Richco they arent the only ones who can kill. You must kilkl the ranks of RichCo until you find the leader. Then... You kill him and bring justice to all who have been hurt by RichCo. ...................................................................................... This game takes timing and trial and error. You must click objects at the right moment in the right order. have fun. 5·9·16 Physics 1968
Fullstar Fullstar Fullstar Halfstar Emptystar
40 Votes
"Time Bomb" This is a puzzle game. You have to find hints and clues to find the code or order of cutting wires. You use mouse to drag or click objects to defuse the bomb. Hope you enjoy this game i made. -King990 4·23·16 Physics 4963
Fullstar Fullstar Fullstar Halfstar Emptystar
177 Votes
"Pokemon Sploder Edition"ContestWinnerLogo Please dont hate. If you do i really wont care but i put alot of time and effort into this game and its graphics! Hope you enjoy! -Credit to Megarayquaza for his great pokemon character graphics! 4·16·16 Physics 3069
Fullstar Fullstar Fullstar Fullstar Halfstar
88 Votes
"Hardcore Henry" Hardcore Henry Parody. Hope you enjoy. Send me friend request, comment, rate do everything. 4·9·16 Physics 398
Fullstar Fullstar Fullstar Fullstar Halfstar
30 Votes
"Shadow X" 3·19·16 Physics 191
Fullstar Fullstar Fullstar Fullstar Emptystar
13 Votes

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we are the infamous brotherhood! only the best, none of the rest.. together we are strong!

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