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Total Plays:5,292
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About Me:I live in India and love to creating games and make them challenging. I have a twitter account, my own forum game-show center, my own website and a forum.
Member of the day on:November 13th 2014

Kingert is a half-Indian yet moderately popular member on Sploder. He joined Sploder approximately on 11 October 2014. His first step into popularity is when he created Justin Bieber dead in Car Accident.


And, then he created Lollipop Clicker and it gained many views, but it won't as popular as the views had suggested. This game attracted 285+ total plays.

Kingert created so many games after Lollipop Clicker but the game views did not reach as high as Lollipop Clicker. He created Minecraft Pac Man V3.0 Candy. After a stream of games, he created Why Kids Should Not Go To Mcdonald. After the game's release, many users were outraged to see him 'copying' Futuremillionaire's previous game with the same title, especially towards the quote in the description. This controversial game reached to 1100+ total plays and it is the highest viewed game of Kingert. Some days later, he created Five night at Freddys Scare and it was a boring simple plaformer game. However, within the 1 day it completed 100 views and it has now reached 190+ total plays. After he become well-known in the site, he created My Revenge . It was a difficult platformer game that had 2 levels and there are no puzzles. It has reached to 121+ total plays. After, Kingert made a new called Angry Birds Sploder Full Game . Some days later, he created My Password Quiz and it was a normal fun game and it became too popular that day and reach to 120+ total plays. Later. He created a famous games known as S L I D E it was huge popular that week and it achieved the contest winner. It was an easy Physics Puzzle Game and it has reach to 360+ total plays within a week. Then he created a platformer game called The Mighty Warrior Demo and it goes to 90+ total plays but he next not created the full version because it was something same like My Revenge. Next Game he created Angry Birds Sploder Full Versionit reach to 150+ total plays now. Next he created a easy Physic Puzzle Maker Intro called Top Best Kingert Awesome Intro and it has been goes to 90+ total plays. Next game, he created Prop Hunt Remix and it goes to 200+ total plays and it was too easy then the real Prop Hunt made by thebluesun and he got this idea from thebluesun game. Next he created BodyGuard it was an ordinary art and it goes to 200+ total plays.

As of November 25th 2015, he has been hacked by Kgtm and Lolghost . This caused an over 40 level downs and spam games. He got his first ban on the day that he was hacked. Lolghost changed Kingert's avatar and made inappropriate games, however his arch enemy Mariogame3333 was also hacked by Lolghost too. Now most of his good games are deleting and he is losing views really fast.

He has declared his top 3 games-

1.Why Kids Should Not Go To Mcdonald (1100+ total plays)(Deleted)

2.S L I D E (360+ total plays)(Deleted)

3.Lollipop Clicker (285+ total plays)(Deleted)

Sploder Community Forums

Kingert joined the forums on the October 29th, 2015. As of March 4th, 2016, Kingert is gibbed on the forum for posting a pornographic picture in a thread. He is allowed to return to the forums in september 2016. He has said he will never use the forum, not even for becoming moderator, reviewer or becoming an editor. He is now uses the Main Site only.

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