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Real Name:Unknown
Age:15 years old
Birth Date:20th August
Country:United kingdom United kingdom
Alternate account of:Fangdam7920
Member of the Day on:September 18th, 2014

General Info

Kingoffangdams , or KoF as he calls himself, is a user that treats sploder like a second home. He is the new account of the well-known Fangdam7920 , created for a fresh start to aim to do better on the site. This came with quite success, as Kingoffangdams managed to ditch the old ways of PPG art games that were familiar with Fangdam7920, and turn to better games, many of which were featured.

Kingoffangdams is also a Moderator and Reviewer with 7 reviews currently to his name.

Kingoffangdams reached the top of the hall of fame for Highest Ranked, reaching level 250 in around 8-10 months. He has since been overtaken.

Kingoffangdams is one of the richest users on sploder, with a total of over 51000m boost points.


Hi! I'm kingoffangdams, or KoF for short. I'm a 15 year old guy, and my aim is to make great, enjoyable games for you guys. If you have any queries regarding moderation, just ask.


»Level: 250

»Friends: 4571

»Games: 14

»Features: 7 (+3 collabs)

»Views: 37353

»Average no. of Views Per Game: 2873

»Favorites: 317

»Total Graphics: 136 (60 likes)

»Awards: 149

»Platinum/Editor Awards: 9

»Reviews on games: 4

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