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Age:16 years old
Total Plays:7,749
Contests Won:0
About Me:I'm an abnormally intelligent 16 year old, with an IQ of 120. I'm also incredibly skilled at arithmetic and algebra. (I'm good at math in simpler terms.)
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Kittysocks is a member on Sploder. Kitty was widely known for his ego, his sense of self importance and his constant acknowledgement of his personality traits, good or bad. He tends to be very insensitive when provoked. Just recently, he seems to have a change of heart, and has been less self-absorbed. He's best friends with Minjaze, whose been friends with him for 2 years. They've been pretty distant recently, put they've been trying to revive the relationship. They seem to have a bromance, and are sometimes teased for possibly being in love. Kitty was the Leading Strategist in Scourge, and has been one of the most iconic members. Kitty has been known to have long periods of inactivity, due to life issues. He's on the forums 99% of them time, only going on the MS to edit his games, which he almost never work on. He tends to be very logically inclined, but is considered eccentric and unpredictable. He's noted these days for always being sarcastic, witty, or a smartalec, and has been far less irritable. His current username on the forums is Loki.

Role in Scourge

Kittysocks was one of the most important members of the group. He diligently joined in the roleplays created by members. Being Leading Strategist and Commander III, Kitty was responsible for dealing with all major issues and is completely in charge of the information about of Scourge. This makes him vastly knowledgeable in the lore and past experiences. When in times of war, Kitty becomes the biggest asset. He's looked at for all battle tactics, logistics, economics, and pretty much every factor in control of the outcome. This makes him the 4th most powerful member, second to the Emperor, Empress, and SIC. Kitty was also probably seen as a discreet Second In Command/Supreme Advisor as he's best friends with Minjaze and was always with him one on one and thus could easily interact and potentially manipulate him to his own will. Other's saw and worried about how much power Kitty truly had, but they never did mind as nothing ever really changed and he never was seen as threatening originally. Kitty was easily most powerful by himself otherwise, being able to match the power and abilities of the other members. Some times beating them in certain areas. Kitty was chosen because of his universal intelligence and his lack of ethics. He was perfectly willing to lie, steal and betray for strategic gain. He's knowledge in all areas of science and is dangerously genre savvy. It's even believed that Kitty will take over if the first 3 ranks have fallen, as he fits all the requirements and has proven to be the most loyal and strategic member.



Kitty's first and only feature, 'My RPG 2, discovery of Atlantis' was actually by accident when Kitty forgot to add lights into the water section after having to republish it.

Kitty is the only private in sploder not to be promoted or banned and still become Mogura several times, and maybe even be a factor in why the post limit to Mogura was increased multiple times.

Kitty is said to be very versed in chess and seldomly plays a game against other members.

Kitty is old time BFs with Yugioh77.

Kitty is known for having severe ADD and PAPD, but being an INTP, this isn't surprising.

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