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About Me:Hi I am a really cool person. I will work on some games. Some of my games will go on facebook if you say they are good as.
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Knee is yet another attempt by the controversial user Megarayquaza at creating an alternate account. Megarayquaza decided that he would leave Sploder for a few weeks and return with a new account. But he only left for one week and he returned with Knee, and users like Manpoo, Pewdiekids1 and M0derator390 figured out quickly that he was Megarayquaza, and he got banned. Some people like 12stasia didn't believe he was Megarayquaza but now she does.

Level 250

When Knee joined Sploder he sent random friend requests to random people and leveled up quickly. He was in the list of Sploder Rocketeers. Within 2 weeks he was level 250. He doesn't best anyone because he treats all his friends the same.

After a while Knee decided to leave Sploder. He is still a bit active from time to time, on accounts he has hacked.


After 6 weeks with Knee02, Knee finally decided to come back to Sploder. He became good friends with Shadowkidneys and Mouldydragon. He came back just as Knee02 died (left). He usually talks to 12stasia is Sploderheads. He makes Sploderheads games and talks like he used to. Though he is back on Sploder, he is a retired game maker.


After a while Knee went undercover and gave out his password. An anonymous user (who was really Ninjagokai9) then locked the account forever and made a "Goodbye Game".


While Knee got caught using Pikachuex , he decided it would be his main account and helped 12stasia finish off the evil 12stasia series before leaving. However he left before 12stasia did. But he actually made Pikachuex a public accout  and released the password which lead Sniperwolf8890 hacking it and making inappropriate games. Thewafflelord did the right thing by not being nice to him and he got suspended by Geoff on October 2016 along with Rog410 and Supersayanz . That was Knee's last known account but however he vanished from Sploder for a bit. He uses accounts he has hacked now, just like before. Sniperwolf8890's goal by doing that was to make Knee really seem like a bad user.

New Owner

Superastroguy hired Morningshield10 to fake Megarayquaza, since the new owner made slanderous games he was faking Megarayquaza and he was told that that Superastroguy would look for Morningshield10's girlfriend in real life. This caused confusion and hate too. However Morningshield10 made slanderous on that account but it got removed and he admitted to fake Megarayquaza. Since Nightshield10 became good, he now uses the Knee account to make good games.

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