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Joined:A very long time ago.
Last Visit:Unknown or Variable
Total Plays:556
Contests Won:None
About Me:I would really love to stay here but I have to go. Contact me
Name:Hatsuari Totori
Country:Japan Japan
Member of the day on:June 19th, 2016
Knee02 is a very unusual member on Sploder. He had an old account called Theundead101sman that he used to make comments, no games. He created a new account called Knee02 to replicate Knee/Megarayquaza who left Sploder because of boredom. Knee02 doesn't send random people friend requests but he is very active game maker and oftenly on Sploderheads. He usually hangs out with Lightningshadow2 and Shadowkidneys. He is nice to everyone except M0derator390/Anytephius, Nightshield10 and M0derator490. He is one of the users who operate The Wikia Colossus named after Heavytruth (A Sploder moderator).


His games are really unpopular but he has very good gaming skills. His games are very short but hard. His games test peoples gaming skills.

Article on The Wikia Colossus


He is also a very good Wikia contributor. He edited the picture for The Wikia Colossus and added a photo that he made. He edits in a great manner and undoes vandalism actions by M0derator490.


  • He is somehow a VSTF.
  • He had an old account called Theundead101sman.
  • He was insulted by Powerup123313 3 times.
  • His best friends are Lightningshadow2 and Shadowkidneys.
  • He knows a lot about Theundead101.
  • Moderator Kingoffangdams once banned him, which caused an uproar on the Main Site.
  • He has a lot of friends on Sploder.
  • His former profile description was: Hi Im a new Knee.

The old Knee was this guy called Robert Chitty. He left Sploder so I am a replica. For real I am a 9 year old boy named Hatsuari Totori. My games test peoples gaming skills.

  • Thewikiamaster will never log onto Knee02 again.
  • He left Sploder in the 2nd quarter of 2017 due to the drama and mainly because of Shadowkidneys.
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