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}}[[Category:thebudmaster and cowbot (rumors to be more)]] Laughingcowking1 is a member of Sploder. His best friend is Mk6520 (or we think he was as he used to hang out with him on Sploderheads). According to him, he is currently sharing the account with one of his best friends in real life who may possibly be alexkid, but it is still unknown. Laughingcowking1 has now left the sploder community and is said to not come back. He is also the creator of the Series Team Five which was stopped due to cowking leaving. 


During this year, he was encompassed in game-making and disputes on the mainsite as well as Sploderheads. Having been caught talking ill about members on Sploderheads and also swearing by Arcader542, he got involved in a 'war'(as called by the participating members) against Dekks resulting into the name of "The Great Dekks War", which included most active members of the mainsite during that time against Dekks .  He also got into a small war with elodge66 and mk6520. 


He made lots of very short games with his most popular one being "OMG level 250 glitch". He got into many fights with fellow members most notable mk6520. 


As of 2019 laughingcowking1 has been less active. He has gotten into arguments with some of the mods and believes most of the mods should be kicked cause there not doing their job. He made a group to ban all mods and got some followers but in the end, he dropped the idea and made it into a group to kick bad members. Later he unfriend many people and lost his levels he was at level 250 but went down to around 150. He started getting less views from his games and announced he was going to be leaving sploder. He left in September 2019. he sometimes visits but not very often.  


In 2020 laughingcowking1 returned to sploder and is here to stay. He is very active on the forums and is bring back his Series Team Five after a long hiatus. There is no release date yet. As of May 17, he has been hacked by a user name timothy2323. This could be anyone since the account was on Bugmenot. "Timothys" plans are to use laughincowking1s account to use his group MSGA to change it into sploder Uprising. Timothy2323 also says he has hacked many other accounts. This could also be the work of laughingcowking1 himself cause he is still able to get into his account, or at least his forums account. Timothy wants to bring hate and porn games back to sploder. laughingcowking1 never showed interest in those types of games. 

His Legacy 

laughingcowking1 is definitely not the most popular member on sploder nor will he ever be. He has multiple notable games and has changed people and what they did. Especially with the mods being replaced   

Alts and Controversy

laughingcowking1 has said to have many at least four alts being cowbot,andyman,thebudmaster and alexkid(not official yet). His first account was cowbot which was an account for the challanges. Andyman was for sploderheads when laughingcowking1 got kicked from sploderheads for talking bad about other members but it was quickly found out that it was him. But andyman did not get blocked. It was originally said it was one of his friends who wanted revenge for cowking. thebudmaster is a fusion account between MANY members of sploder like Mk6520, elodge66 just to name a few. But theres a rumor going around that alexkid hacked thebudmater (or laughingcowking) did. 

There's also a rumor going around that laughingcowking has hacked a few accounts for his plan of revenge for the getting rid of Mods plan. But he has said this isn't true. One of those accounts was targeting Bricc and Ethan2009 saying there not good mods cause bricc is never active on the mainsite. 

Another is the account kingz121 which is another account of laughingcowking1. He told star34 that he made an account called kingz121 and it would be his new account from now on but it was abandoned later. He came back a few months later saying he was cowkings brother. this was probably the nicer side of cowking. Not many no this is actually cowking. He hasn't been on in about 6 months. 

laughingcowking was on fourms a lot especially in the anime community and did a lot of polls and rarely got into arguments. He argued with people on discord.  Also there are rumors that he got suspended for his Ideas of getting rid of the MODS and for Talking bad about people on sploderheads. But it is not confirmed yet. 

laughingcowking1 as of May 17 2020 has been hacked by timothy2323 and is using his account for a sploder uprising and using his forums (laughingcowking1) to promote the uprising. But it looks like laughingcowking1 can still get into the fourms and not the main site 

Note: He is not actually suspended! XxIsSooCool (talk) 23:30, January 22, 2020 (UTC) XxIsSooCool


  • He is named after The Laughing Cow, a brand of processed cheese products made by Fromageries Bel since 1921, and in particular refers to the brand's most popular product, the spreadable wedge.
  •      He has a hate game called: laughingcowking1 is a mother BLEEP by sploder0000 and was made on 5.15.19
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