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Lavalinn 96


Total Plays:29,111
Contests Won:7
About Me:a sploder member
Member of the day on:March 23rd, 2015

lavalinn is a talented and hardworking gamemaker on Sploder. He also is a unique kind of member who some would call "immature", but he really is just a goofball.

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About lavalinn

SUP DUDES? It's yo Bahamian 15 yr old ME! My priority is 2 make the coolioest of games to prepare 4 da future. I'm known to be a goofball, a lil awkward but HEY, still one of the chillest people I know. Wanna hang? Shoot anything down below thats not spam


In Real Life: Draw, Write Stories Online: I'm in a CRAVING on Discord, the Forums and the MS itself. U wanna chat with me, then go there. Other then that I just make games here.

Favorite Sports

My favorite Sport? Hmm.... Surfing......... the web

Favorite Games

Oh man, lemme be basic. Ok any of ur old adventure games back then from Mario, Sonic and Kirby. But I also love myself some Minecraft (not the one boytucker made :) But any game on Sploder thats a "game" I will enjoy

Favorite Movies

There are too many to list..

Favorite Bands

Nononononononono lets change this to Favourite Music. Well SAVAGE all day and some RAP and TRAP. But anything that sounds fresh I will enjoy.

Whom I Respect

No one.

JK, basically any chill person and my friends on Discord, etc... Just don't be a hothead and I'll like u.


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Lavalinn 962


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Basic Info

Level: 250 Games: 141
Awards: 181 Graphics: 12+
Friends: 1663 Total Views: 44,792
Play Time: 0.08 }


Votes Cast: 415 Comments made: 3331 view »
Vote average: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar Tributes made: 0
Group Memberships: 76 Group Ownerships: 3


5-star faves: 748 Comments received: 3445
Favorites: 317 Tributes received: 7
Comment rating: 0.8091 Contests won: 9


Lavalinns 5 Best· 5 games

No Graphics for Me· 2 games

It's Adventure Time!· 2 games

Survival of the Fittest· 2 games

Flappy Sploder· 2 games

Undertale Rampage· 15 games


Forums nickname: lavalinn Registered: April 17, 2015, 07:08 PM
Status: Guard Stars: Fullstar
Posts: 3,830 (4.062 per day) Karma: +1286/-0
I love lava.

Signature: Become indulged with fire.

Lavalinn 962

Lavalinn's Games

Games made: 22

Games Pacman Ghost ShooterPhysics JourneySonic in PhysicsUndertale Custom vs YoshiUndertale Santa Enemy Hell ModeUndertale Custom vs Nyan CatUndertale Computor Enemy Hell ModeUndertale Blast Custom EnemyUndertale Platform Froggit FightUndertale Custom vs MarioUndertale Custom vs MarioUndertale Platform Dummy FightUndertale RocKodFish Custom EnemyUndertale Disgusting Custom BossUndertale Super Baby Custom EnemyUndertale Mena5000 Custom BossUndertale Santa Custom EnemyUndertale Computor Custom EnemyEnter The EndIve been bad and i wanna changeTiny Box Tim Quest For WarfstachesColo Code

"Pacman Ghost Shooter"

ContestWinnerLogo Contest Winner
EPILEPSY WARNING! Play a game where you shoot up ghosts. If this game is successful, I will add on five more rounds and more ghosts.

Release Date: 4·20·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 3

Views: 569

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstar 28 Votes

Tags: lavalinn, survival, shooting, pacman, ghosts

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"Physics Journey"

Made in May 01, 2016. This game was made to show others that you don't NEED graphics in order to have a good game. I's the design!! I hope you enjoy, this took me 5 - 6 days to figure out, make, and test, and edit. I worked really hard, so plz, comment, like, vote PLZ. I hope this game changes your game making skills forever. Oh, and the game is 30% easier.

Release Date: 4·23·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 191

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstar 11 Votes

Tags: lavalinn, physics, adventure, journey

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"Sonic in Physics"

Ever wondered what Sonic in Physics would look like? HERE IT IS!! Enjoy!!! Credit to the thumbnail goes to king990. LUV u man!!!

Release Date: 6·16·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 8

Views: 230

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstar 9 Votes

Tags: physics, sonic, lavalinn, adventure, king990, nonose, no, nose

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"Undertale Custom vs Yoshi"

Credit to alika87 for giving me this idea. You're the best man. This is my last Undertale game.

Release Date: 7·16·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 39

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 5 Votes

Tags: lavalinn, undertale, mario, yoshi

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"Undertale Santa Enemy Hell Mode"

It's Santa made harder. Good luck. You'll need it.

Release Date: 6·20·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 228

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 1 Votes

Tags: lavalinn, undertale, hard

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"Undertale Custom vs Nyan Cat"


Release Date: 5·21·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 81

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstar 2 Votes

Tags: lavalinn, undertale, nyancat

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"Undertale Computor Enemy Hell Mode"

Hell mode is any Undertale game that is made difficulty hard. There is no one to kill. It's the same level, made harder. No one to defeat. You just survive enemy attacks till they become an angel and stop. So any easy level is made hard, and any hard level is made impossible.

Release Date: 4·12·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 8

Views: 334

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 7 Votes

Tags: lavalinn, undertale, hard

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"Undertale Blast Custom Enemy"

The final character. Next is another hacker. Who is it? Stay tuned. More Hell modes and characters from other games are still to come.

Release Date: 4·27·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 470

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 4 Votes

Tags: epicccc, hard, undertale, lavalinn

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"Undertale Platform Froggit Fight"


Release Date: 2·29·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 8

Views: 821

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstar 8 Votes

Tags: lavalinn, undertale

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"Undertale Custom vs Mario"

Forget your dream job, be a plumber! Or not.

Release Date: 3·6·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 363

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystarEmptystar 5 Votes

Tags: mario, undertale, lavalinn

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"Undertale Custom vs Boss"

Go play some

Release Date: 2·10·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 1291

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 28 Votes

Tags: undertale, agario, lavalinn

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"Undertale Platform Dummy Fight"

Platforms and Undertale.

Release Date: 2·10·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 8

Views: 1412

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 36 Votes

Tags: undertale, lavalinn

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"Undertale RocKodFish Custom Enemy"

A Rocket mixed with a Cod Fish

Release Date: 2·3·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 310

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystarEmptystar 7 Votes

Tags: lavalinn, undertale

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"Undertale Disgusting Custom Boss"

Its the Mena5000 boss made easier.

Release Date: 1·31·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 583

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstarEmptystar 19 Votes

Tags: lavalinn, undertale

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"Undertale Super Baby Custom Enemy"

WARNING: This is training. For weaklings only. Or if you just wanna play.

Release Date: 1·31·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 534

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 23 Votes

Tags: lavalinn, undertale

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"Undertale Mena5000 Custom Boss"

WARNING: Very Hard. For pros only!!

Release Date: 1·30·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 585

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 9 Votes

Tags: lavalinn, undertale, mena5000

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"Undertale Santa Custom Enemy"

Release Date: 1·30·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 280

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 12 Votes

Tags: lavalinn, undertale

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"Undertale Computor Custom Enemy"

Release Date: 1·29·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 894

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 27 Votes

Tags: lavalinn, undertale

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"Enter The End"

WARNING: Very Hard. For pros only!!

Release Date: 8·10·16

Creator: Arcade

Levels: 4

Views: 27

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarFullstar 1 Votes

Tags: hard, adventure

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"Ive been bad and i wanna change"

I know I can change. I WILL change. If you hate me after you read this, its okay. Just know I'm sorry.

Release Date: 7·8·16

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 1

Views: 207

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstarEmptystar 20 Votes

Tags: craaaaaaaaaaaaaap, lies, kgtm, gabrieletheman

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"Tiny Box Tim Quest For Warfstaches"

A story about Tiny Box Tim (Markipliers plush toy) who collects Warfstaches inside a box making factory. These graphics were made by me and I hope you like the game!! 2.0 Version. Lees hard, fix goal, layers fixed, spikes fixed,

Release Date: 12·31·15

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 2063

Rating: FullstarFullstarHalfstarEmptystarEmptystar 72 Votes

Tags: beachywashere, lavalinn, adventure, axxe

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"Colo Code"


Release Date: 2·13·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 7

Views: 169

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstar 8 Votes

Tags: hard, lavalinn

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Lavalinn 962

Lavalinn's Groups

Lavalinn's groups: 3

Lavalinn's group memberships: 56

Q5q2qbcg 96

Famous Games Forever

Level: 3681

Members: 38

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Founded by Lavalinn. We talk about games that are trending forever. We discuss how the games are and help and secrets when needed. Any game matters. So join, discuss and have fun!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mz0m0h4q 96


Level: 963

Members: 11

View group memberlist

This is for any friend or fan of Lavalinn, or if you want to know him better. In this group, you will hear about newer games I will be doing. So join the Flame and set yourself on Fire!!!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Um0t9sqh 96

The 5 Flames

Level: 176

Members: 6

View group memberlist

This is me and my four other alternate accounts. Check em out. It's not really a group. Just look at my alts. So don't join.

Lavalinn 962

The History of Lavalinn

Years: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016


Since lavalinn started on Sploder, he was not very friendly. He started out making a game which was an adventure with many graphics. It did not get many views, but it did get some haters. He started out as your regular old noob making games based on other persons sprites. At that time, lavalinn got friendlier, and chatted with some users and played their games and even requested that they make more. He did not have many game ideas, so he made games based off of other real games such as Mario, Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, etc.. He also got some coolness with a couple members who were already on the site longer than him. With FNAF series getting popular, he made some Fnaf games that got him some hits, and one day, even on the Top Members List. After a HUGE break due to school, lavalinn got bored, and took it upon him to mess with some of the members. He made an account called bluebert and trolled some of the most popular members, including lavalinn himself. It did not take too long for kingoffangdams to find out what happened and gave lavalinn a warning. Bluebert did not get banned, but to this day he can not comment anymore. Lavalinn then apologized and gave away all of his boost points (3500). Then he figured out a way to use bluebert as an alternate and make some avatar graphics. He was just another alternate made by lavalinn for graphics. This was the account lavalinn spent least of his time on.


During the summer, Lavalinn made a Temple Run game and boosted it. Thanks to futuremillionaire's challenge, he won with 140000000 boost points. However, he got an extreme amount of haters and views. People said what was wrong with it, why they hated it, what game was better than that. Thus, this brought lavalinn's popularity down. So lavalinn later deleted all the levels in the game and later deleted the whole game, which lost him views. Lavalinn wanted to leave the site, but 5mister inspired him to stay. The later became friends. He deleted all of his noobish bad games, which made him go from Level 136 to 91. Quote: BTW if anyone is going to ask, I deleted all my other games because: 1.They are not MY ideas, 2.Someone else made the game before me on this site, and 3.They were pointless. So thats why my level went from 135 to 91. Now the only games I will make on this site are real games I want to create in a real game maker with MY ideas.


Lavalinn leaves again and goes to Scratch because of the lack of attention. He later teams up with ghostpirate on Scratch. However, he soon got home sick and bored and returned to Sploder, thus staying on it. Lavalinn gets friendlier and gets to know more about Sploder. He gets nicer and more active then regulary, and earning more popularity. He uses bluelinn to make unique and great graphics, which he wanted others to use but he gets to use them on his own games.


After widely making a series of Undertale games, lavalinn has boosted up higher with his Undertale ideas. However, his true Wild Card game is his Tiny Box Tim Quest for Warfstaches game. It got featured one day by 0minutes, and a review by moolatycon. His Pacman Ghost Shooter game got a Contest Winner and now he privated all of his Undertale and Dragons Cusp games desiring to make better games using his own ideas. He did blow up again though and went into a flame war over his game since some persons hated it. This got him a warning from textlabel. Lavalinn got into a fix when his friends continuously talked about hackers and Sploder and they wouldnt listen to him in Sploderheads. So he made a fake hacker account and sweared in Sploderheads. He was not reported or given another warning. He pretended to use it to infilteate nightshield112 and the Dark Tribe, but it failed. To this day MASTAHACKA23 is inactive and will never be used again. Lavaflame is another graphics account who lavalinn wanted to send all of his Undertale games too, but that was too much work so he postphoned it. Lavaflame will soon be used as a How to Helper on Sploder. (yeah thats not happening)


Oh wow, Lavalinn is more active in the Forums than ever. Great news! He got another forum warning for tempting to reveal someones name who he barely knew. So lavalinn reasons more with the Forum members than the MS. However, when the Discord server came around he spent more time on that then he did of Hangouts. And at a point, he barely goes on Hangouts now a days......

Lavalinn has spent a lot of time on Sploderheads ever since it started. Actually, he made a few more friends ON Sploderheads.


S.S.M. stands for Strong Sploder Members. This group was started by shasha123go (sheilagirl10).

Lavalinn met her in the summer of 2015 during a chat session between her and her friends. Basically: coolkids99 (coolkids9), kai2003 (kidney), pewdiekids1 (thewafflelord), evlg247, katyperryvevo, pixelface, randoe, trolljpg, batte, freefallsonic and hictooth.

Overtime he kept on hanging with them each summer and on S.S.M. However, in Late August, coolkids99 and Shasha123go got more inactive, and later on so did everyone else.

Currently, evlg247 and pixelface are still active, but lavalinn never talks to them.

Currently, kai2003, Pewdiekids1, and Shasha123go returned with other accounts which they are currently using. Sheilagirl10 is a little inactive. However, they all still chat together on Hangouts and Pixelpie, which Sheilagirl10 started.

12stasia and knee

He first met them in another random Sploderheads chat in Early July 2016. Overtime, he chatted with them, and at the same time, learnt. 12stasia and knee mostly talked about hackers, and because lavalinn did not know about them before, this changed his Sploder life forever. When they were not chatting, they were playing inside Sploder heads Multiplayer. However, time by time, several hackers or spammers have came inside their chatrooms, which caused the decreasing amount of visits. They did not talk much when it was only them three. After knee left Sploder, 12stasia's visits were less and less frequent on Sploderheads. Then, they all got together on Hangouts and to this day, they all chat there. When 12stasia left, lavalinn relied on other Sploderheads chatrooms to be on, even if he already had Hangouts.

Pepperedsteak and theloaf56

He once spotted these two in a chatroom with 12stasia. They are also persons who talk about hackers, but from October, they despised 12stasia and knee. Time by time, these two have been well known and are knowledgeable enough to know about all the hackers on the site. Theywere known to always talk about whothey hate, hackers and any Sploder related things. Lavalinn rarely talks to them back then, but now they are becoming better friends, especially when there was a mishap that got lavalinn banned from Sploderheads and theloaf56 helped him to get unbanned. They are both currently still on Sploder, but lavalinn does not talk to them often.

Dbroncosrule and Misc.

Lavalinn once interrupted a serious chat session between danceblaster3000 and maddieleigh. This happened near last August in 2015,a few weeks after the S.S.M disbanded. Time by time, he interacted with them, until the duo wanted to be left alone. Dbroncosrule mostly was a Sploderheads Multiplayer gamer, who also chattedwith the S.S.M. at one point. He is currently wtill active, but never once checked up on lavalinn.


Most likely, when lavalinn used to chat with superpiggy100 they just had fun playing the Sploderheads Multiplayer Game together. Now, oftenly, Superpiggy100 would be seen roleplaying with other persons that would randomly join the chat. Lavalinn never understood this, but whenever he stayed for a long time, he would understand. Back then, he would just leave. Superpiggy is one of lavalinn's oldest friends and is currently still on Sploder.

Lavalinn's Chatrooms

Lavalinn is known to go into chatrooms more often than making hia own. However, when he makes his own, people rarely come to chat, but to play.

This story was made in 2015:

Growing up, my life was not fun. I had an autistic brother who my parents paid more attention to. So I didn't get to enjoy the great things in life. No games, no TV, no toys. But 3 years before I joined Sploder, my dad got a family computer. So I wanted to play some building and adventure games, and Sploder was the first thing that showed up. I numerously played and made Platformer games even though I was a guest. In Grade 7 when I finally got an email address I joined Sploder. I acted all nice and made lots of friends. However, when I made games, I got 1 or 2 views. I tried to get more by getting lots of friends, and I did. However, I was bored, so I made a fake account named bluebert and trolled some people with some comments. However, it was 6 minutes till bluebert was caught and banned from making comments. So I apologized and went on with my life. I did make two more alternate accounts but I'm not using them now. In Grade 8, I was off Sploder for long and when I came back, I made 3 REAL FRIENDS. Sadly, they didn't stay on Sploder for long. herobrine165 stayed for 3 months when I met him, same for yaden1 and ninjamineturtle. When I inally got a labtop in Grade 9, I got a new friend named Ghostpirate. He stayed on Sploder for almost a year. Thats when I met the BEST group of friends which consisted of shasha123go, coolkids99, kai2003, randoe, pewdiekids1, pixelface, hictooth and a bunch more. We were all friends and chatted a bunch of times over the summer. This was also the time when I was actually popular because of my FNAF games. However, my BEST friend group disbanded when some members left. Today, some of them are still on Sploder, but not in a group. In Grade 10 (this year), I was not popular any more. I was also unhappy with my terrible games. I had 4 games that received more than 2000 games. But my boosted temple run game, people said it was horrible. That upsetted me so much that I deleted all the stupid games I had, which was almost all of them. However, I went from lvl 136 to 95, which means I made a stupid mistake. I then encountered fuzthehamster and stormdestruct, superpiggy100 and dwantara2005, tho dudes who later became my friends. There are now 5 mister and troybonniemech, who helped me and stuck by my side. They even helped me get my views back, but my views are gone forever. The final friend I got is mixbr0. I now make insanely good games, but I don't get alot of views, so that makes me upset. But my friends are what matters. So I joined Sploder because my life is not fun. Every game I make makes me happy. So I'm glad you read this and I hope this changes the way you see me.


I now know all the troubles on Sploder, but my life is more troubling. The hackers may harm others but I stay positive. Now i know EVERYTHING about Sploder and I have more than enough friends. I want to stay loyal to Sploder. I now have Sploder friends as actual friends thanks to hangouts. Now my friends are all arguing over each other. Also, my other friends who r not on Hangouts, I dont see often. I would like to thank all my friends because they have pushed me through hard times. They r awesome. My life now sucks, but my Sploder life does not.

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