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About Me:Hi im Layra im a 16 year old girl.
Name:Layra Shana
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Layra is a cyber bully and hacker. She was also making inappropriate alts. Megarayquaza also gave her some accounts once because forum people hated him. Layra has been on Sploder for 2 years already. She has an alt called Demonz95 . She didn't log on her account since she joined until now. the past two years she was hacking and making inappropriate alts like Maiphantomb11tch (Which is now property of Nightshield10). She is hated by most users on Sploder. Moderators have been flagging her. Recently, Layra was hacked by M0derator390, another noobish hacker. So she made a new base account called Demonz95 .  She hacked gamerr101 in August 2016 and is now using his account. She uses a kitty avatar for her recent accounts.

Layraisback 96

Layra's most common avatar

Gamerr101 96

She uses a kitty avatar for her recent accounts.

Layraisback 962

Layra's avatar when she pretends to be good

Layra is also famous for making Youtube videos about why she hates us. She also makes accounts on Sploder with gibberish names and spams, talking about adult stuff to random users. She left Sploder after theloaf56 convinced her to leave, and it worked.

Powerup123313 made her lose her boyfriend lol. Layraisback uses a proxy to look like one of Nightshield10's accounts when it is really her.


During April, when she was spamming that Sploder is shutting down while Sploder is not shutting down at all. She spammed the messages and got banned. She decided to impersonate Demonxz95 for being good at finding her alts and banning them. She made inappropriate games which was more disgusting than Battexsam's games. Demonz95 was finally suspended on 5th September 2016 along with other users when Geoff apologized for being inactive.

Also there are now rumors that M0derator390 made Layra drink mouthwash.

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