Leonard is slow, but he's hungry!





The Leonard is an aquatic enemy in the Sploder Platformer games, and the 16th to be listed in the Enemies and Hazards Game Creator Category. The Leonard is an updated game enemy.


The Leonard's size is equivalent to the Player. The Leonard has an oval-shaped body and is bright pink in color. It has 3 fins on it's rear, one of it's back and one on the side of it's body, all a darker shade of pink. On it's body are 6 lightly-colored dots. The Leonard has a slanted frowning mouth and two lazed eyes with yellow irises.

Powers and Abilities

The Leonard, like the Shark, is unique for being damaged when outside of water. Because of this, the Leonard can only use water as an effective battle-ground. The Leonard moves slower than the Shark, and is one of the slowest moving enemies in its creator.

Enhanced Durability: The Leonard possesses an abnormal amount of durability for it's size; it can take up to 7-8 sword strikes from the Player without being defeated, and 3-4 swinging crashes.

Enhanced Strength: The Leonard is physically very strong, doing large amounts of damage to the Player with it's jaws alone. Each bite from the Leonard deals 15% damage to the Player's life bar.


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