The Lieutenant rank is the third highest rank of the Sploder Community Forums. Users who have been promoted to the Lieutenant rank were previously Soldiers who were widely recognized as highly mature, intelligent, responsible, and helpful members. Lieutenants can see 6 special categories: the POW Camp, the JDC Camp, the Barracks, The Bunker, the Bin, and the Lieutenant League.

The Lieutenant rank is the highest rank for one to view the POW Camp without being a POW, a Censored or a Detainee. It is also the lowest rank for one to be considered an administrator; Lieutenants can choose to accept Applicants from joining the Forum.

Users who are Lieutenants can Fuse, Sink or Splode threads as they see fit. The Major rank was deleted because of the similarity in their powers. Their restraint on responsibility is high; if a Lieutenant breaks a small rule once, they will be forgiven, only being dropped to the Soldier rank if their offense is repeated. The name origin for Lieutenant is based of the real-life rank below Captain. Despite this, the Lieutenant rank on Sploder is superior to the Major rank, which in real-life terms is superior to Captain.


During late June to early July 2014, many Lieutenants and Generals has been demoted because they were inactive, also to ease the production of the forum. Some involved were demoted to the War Veteran rank or simply back to Soldier or Private. This has caused confusion and disruption within the days this event took place.

As some of you may have noticed, the list of staff members was absurdly large. We had alternate accounts for special projects, inactive users, and members that didn't even have a rank actually used for moderation on it. Well, no more. The recent influx of promotions was to try and get things back up to snuff and thus all inactive, alternate, or otherwise lazy members/accounts have been removed. The current staff list is now down to 15 Lts and 11 Generals (Both of them are nearly half the size they were before). This means that moderation should be more productive and faster than ever before.
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