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This is a list of all the available songs in the Retro Arcade Creator. They are as follows:

Arcade1: A happy 8-bit electronica tune with a prominent beat.

Arcade2: An upbeat theme that starts out with a plain feel, builds up and instantly becomes intensive, then loops back, then builds up and rise a little more intensively than before.

Arcade3: A song with a melancholy, nostalgic feel like graduating at the end of a school year or a game ending happily ever after.

Arcade4: A cheery tune that has a feel as if going to a carnival or playing outside at recess.

Arcade5: A theme that sounds a bit like Arcade4, due to its peppy feel.

Arcade6: An 8-bit tune with a disco-like feel. It is a little longer than most other soundtracks.

Arcade7: An upbeat tune consisting of two techno synthesizers and one Wurlitzer synthesizer. The Wurlitzer synthesizer is rather an Orbit III synth, unlike Arcade10, Arcade12, and Arcade24, which have a Wurlitzer electric piano in them.

Arcade8: A happy, sciencey tune that sounds like techno, dubstep, and classical music all put together.

Arcade9: A happy, slow-paced tune that is an 8-bit version of the kind of songs made by musicians and bands such as Maroon 5, M83, and Black-eyed Peas.

Arcade10: A hard-electronic tune (but not as hard as dubstep) that is the exact same as the original version for a computer game, except that most parts of the song are cut off the song to be absent, and the audio was rendered slightly to be much more modernized.

Arcade11: A nearly one-minute long Coolio-style song that is upbeat but relaxed, much like Arcade2.

Arcade12: A happy, dance-pop- or dance-rock-like tune with a Moog synthesizer easily heard with a theremin and a Wurlitzer electric piano in the background.

Arcade13: An energetic tune with a feel similar to Arcade11.

Arcade14: A song that has a downbeat feeling of a dirge or lament, like Arcade03, Arcade17, and Arcade23.

Arcade15: A punk-rock theme song with a techno synthesizer throughout the song.

Arcade16: An almost bubblegum pop-like tune with drumkits and a synthesizer.

Arcade17: A tune that is relaxed like Arcade22 but also a bit stressful. It is a lament theme, similar to that of Arcade03, Arcade14, and Arcade23.

Arcade18: A song with hip hop or punk rock references like Arcade15. Around a half of a minute long, it slows down and instantly fades in, making an almost drastical change and then fades out for good instantly.

Arcade19: A relaxed theme but slow-paced.

Arcade20: An upbeat, slightly intense techno song with a couple of synthesizers and only the prominent synthesizer remains at the end.

Arrcade21: A very relaxed tune with a feel of something lazy.

Arcade22: A theme that is slightly relaxed but with a prominent beat.

Arcade23: A tune that seems to explain about life or a similar story. It has a dirge genre to it, like Arcade03, Arcade14, and Arcade17.

Arcade24: An 8 bit, almost dubstep theme with a Moog synthesizer and a Wurlitzer electric piano throughout. It is the almost exact opposite of Arcade21 and Arcade22, because it is upbeat and in medium volume.