All 6 Forum topic categories of the Sploder Community Forums exclusive to those higher or lower than the rank of JDC Camp through Private. (Not much is known about these categories as of now.)

JDC Camp

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POW Camp

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The Barracks is a category exclusive to those of Soldier rank and above. This particular board serves as a General for Soldiers, and bypassing is allowed to a certain extent. 

The Bunker

The Bunker is a category exclusive to those of Soldier rank and above. It is here that the high-ranking Forum Staf vote on who will be the next Reviewers, Editors, and Moderators of the Main Site. (Reviewers mainly mentioned in Reviewer Lane.) Privates are also voted upon for promotion, as well as positions for Member of the Year and other official events. It was once titled the "Major Mobile" when the Major rank was still present, and was exclusive only to the said rank. The Bunker was originally made as a joke, but is now used as a voting hub for the staff. 

The Lieutenant League

The Lieutenant League, like its name suggests, is a category exclusive to those with the rank of Lieutenant and above.

The Bin

The Bin is were all unneeded posts go. It serves as the forum wastebasket, and many posts end up here during forum cleanup. It is exclusive to Lieutenants+. 

The Mod Area

The Mod Area is a category exclusive only to those of General and Commander-In-Chief rank. It is the highest privileged category and rightfully the most discreet of information. The Generals and Geoff himself discuss prominent topics pertaining to the Forums and Main Site.

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