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M0derator390 is a highly controversial member on Sploder. He is also a possible troll. He made his debut on Sploder on March 2014 and is still currently active. He is widely known and disliked by Sploder members. He has previously returned as Darkilliacronius (most known for taking Pieman224's alternate, Eipman442 and causing controversy on the Sploder Forums), later as Anytephius (his current account). He has made several infamous games, the most infamous being "4 Ways to Kill Tvnetworkgirl". On 11/29/2015, a sequel of "4 Ways to Kill Tvnetworkgirl" entitled "Four Ways to Kill Tvnetworkgirl 2" was published on his new account, Anytephius. He mysteriously hates Tvnetworkgirl for an unknown reason. Around April 2014, PieMan224's alternate account, EipMan442, was hacked by him. In April 2016, a game was published on Anytephius's page called "A Final Message From M0derator390". He reveals the personal information of certain members in this game. M0derator390 is still currently active to this day on multiple different accounts. Unlike most wrongdoers on Sploder, he has been found to be more mature than other malicious users.

Users Hacked

It is possible that M0derator390 (after his return to Sploder as Anytephius) regularly visits Bugmenot for shared passwords hacked by users such as Disgusting, as many of the users he has hacked are the same as Kidneyevilwin's, Disgusting's, Lolghost's, and Nightshield's. (May be Outdated)

  • Thegamer434
  • Terabyte
  • Eipman442
  • Pencilwalrus
  • Head2000 (One of Head3000's alts)
  • Tvnetworkboy
  • Darkfire646
  • Mariogame3333
  • Head6000
  • Mena50000
  • Newaphlife
  • Morderway698
  • Jennete1554
  • moderator698
  • Moferday698
  • CommunityProfile
  • Mrlivello250
  • Cccccaaaaatttttt~
  • Megarayquaza
  • Layra~ ~~
  • Justinbeibervev0~
  • Weeping>
  • Bjoyful2~

~Hacked from the subject's email and/or bribing and blackmailing.

~~According to his game "A Final Message From M0derator390", he also verbally tortured Layra and is the reason she is no longer around today. He also states that the recent Layra accounts are all Layra impersonators. He also hacked her Skype, Google account (and messed with her Youtube), and other accounts connected to her Gmail.

> was given without a second thought

Hate Games

His most infamous game was 4 Ways to Kill Tvnetowrkgirl, and a sequel to it was published on 11/29/2015 on M0derator390's account Anytephius. He has his own "News Show" entitled Sploder Kill Show (a spin-off of Sploder News Show), in which M0derator kills Tvnetworkgirl in gruesome ways. M0derator390's game making ability is rather high, which is most unusual and brings up the possibility that he/she may have had previous experience on Sploder. For example, he can make moving objects act in chronological order in the Physics Creator (As shown in Sploder Kill Show EP1), and puts great effort into designing scenery, although this only shows in his Sploder Kill Show games. 4 Ways to Kill Tvnetworkgirl was eventually deleted by someone with a moderator's powers, which lowered his plays by at least 350.

M0derator390's main account was eventually suspended by Geoff himself for some of the reasons stated in the trivia.

Also, it's worth noting, unlike modern trolls of Sploder, M0derator390 does not post pornographic games.


M0derator390 has many different aliases. They are listed below. (Note: This information may be outdated or incorrect).

  • Darkilliacronius
  • M0derator090
  • M0derator
  • Hectabyte
  • HermannGoering
  • JosefMengele
  • AdolphHitler
  • AntiphinCronius-? (May be Dolphin72)
  • Anytephius
  • Disgustingissam
  • Annietherusskie
  • AliferVulpe
  • YourUncleVinnie

Chat Room

Near the end of the year 2015, M0derator390 invited various members into a chat room called "Legion". There, he met with Layra, powerup123313 and Megarayquaza. Layra soon went against him (as it seems) and there M0derator390 bribed the information from her.


Many people semi-acquainted with M0derator390 refer to him/her as "Анечка", a Russian feminine name. However, Manpoo and Mariogame3333 both refer to M0derator390 as "he" instead of "she". However, when he publicly gave out his Steam profile, his profile was German and his name was masculine. Also, M0derator390 seems to know the IPs of certain users on Sploderheads. He had once told both Freefallsonic and Awwesomewolf their locations as well as IP.

Manpoo & The Griffin Party

Near February/March - April 2016, sources indicate that M0derator390 became involved with the group The Griffin Party and their leader, Manpoo. However, it seems like he is no longer in The Griffin Party due to Manpoo publicly denouncing him on his own page. As said by Manpoo: "This true disaster of a member should be banned. He is a traitor, a fool. He tricked me, then lured me into his cult. This awful person is just another copy of Nightshield, with a clever way of typing and a stubborn personality, more stubborn than the one he hates, Nightshield. Before you say "Manpoo and M0derator390" are best friends, learn something. We are not, he betrayed me. Do not trust this person, do not give this person anything."


In March 2016, M0derator390 joined Pixelpie under a pseudonym. He was quickly recognized by the Sploder members on there because of the way he spoke and his aggressive behavior as well as starting tons of flame wars. However, he was soon banned and it seems like he lost interest in the website.


"Don't you get it ignorant LordEldar? It is I, M0derator390. I have hacked this rival account, and found that Eipman is Devin. (And yes, Pieman, I, unlike you, am not ignorant. I study my enemies carefully. I know your name is Devin Brown.) The password is ************** . Now you say I don't know a single line of code, that I don't know life away from the computer, and that I sit around the computer all day? No, you are almost foolishly wrong in every way, and your incompetence amazes me. I am working on a bot that spams the password sign in box with every possible way. As for life away from the computer, I have experienced things you would never think of. I believe that answers the Pizza question too." 8/12/2014 Pieman224 claims M0derator390 said this. (Sploder Forums)

"Don't lie to me, moderator. I see through your cloud of lies. You are an imbecile. Just, how do you know Eipman is I? Eipman is Pieman's alternate account and he used it to call people bleeps. I have hacked into this account to make this my temporary account that I will reside in. You may have broken my access to other acounts, but there are many more accounts out there. My next move will be very soon. I don't care about Sploder and it's under-age moderators, but getting rid of Tvnetworkgirl. It doesn't matter if I mow down other accounts in the process like this one. I don't care if Tvnetworkgirl dies. Actually, I want her to die. I will be launching my secret malware; a modified version of Spy-Sheriff to destroy Tvnetworkgirl. I dub it "Spammer-Bot". Have you ever thought of dark matter? It is deemed unknown. It could be a force that supports the universe. And the universe... it could reside in a single atom... in a different dimension... and there could be more universes... in our dimension... The big bang was possibly made when the atom was generated... naturally. Is it fate or destiny that controls our outcomes... or is it choices. Does time reset itself every time the Earth achieves its final goal... or is it a loop? What is life beyond death? Maybe when you die your universe resets. Maybe I am the only one in the world who thinks like this..." 8/12/2014 Pieman224 claims M0derator390 said this. (Sploder Forums)

"My plans... to hack Sploder's firewall, and implant the Bot-Spammer onto all dashboards. I will infect Geoffrey P. Gaudrealt's personal server, so all his websites will contain the bot. Once I infect Gaudrealt, it will leak his password... then I will change the password and suspend those that have gotten in my way. No... LordEldar... I am not a low-life kid sitting behind the computer all day... we hackers are usually intellectual geniuses, not crazy people who want to hack... No LordEldar. I've got Pieman and Geodesigner following my trail... into a trap. I will abandon this account and rise to be back as M0derator390 soon. I am more powerful than Head3000, for she was not suspended. Oh, and Pieman and Geodesigner. If you are seeing this, I'm monitoring every comment your posting. If you need more info on me, go to Sploder wiki and search M0derator390. It says I have 0 views but that is a lie. I used to have more than 1000 before 4 Ways to Kill Tvnetworkgirl was deleted. Now I have 900. It says I have 0 friends. That is a lie. I had a few. Most of them are unintelligent imbeciles, but they support me. Thesmilingdog, Head2000, 422Eipman, Hectabyte... It says I admire Tvnetworkgirl but that is a total lie. Ah... yes if you see this Pieman, know that im not Hectabyte, but M0derator390." 8/12/2014 Pieman224 claims M0derator390 said this. (Sploder Forums)

"Sad. Now I am unknown, although that may be an advantage. Perhaps I shouldn't post this." 4/19/2015 what M0derator390 said as AldolfHilter (AdolphHitler) on Sploder Kill Show comments.

"Yes, I do GUESS weak passwords, and if that doesn't work I bring in Fire Fox or THC Hydra (comes with Kali Linux) for brute force. But I'm not a 4 year old, and if you think that... Let's just leave it at the fact that you are EXTREMELY unreasonable. And also, I am not "stupid", and by saying that you just make yourself sound ignorant of more high-class sounding synonyms for "stupid" (either insult or statement or both, depends on what you're saying), at the end making yourself seem young. Not that I would say anything against you being young. I am actually quite intelligent and by saying I am "stupid" based on my actually wittily-worded attire for comments, until I get angry of course but I still try remain quite straight when speaking. And when I am in an argument I remain with the same attire unless that is done purposefully for the meaning of insult. Now, you might think I am "stupid" solely for the rudeness in my words when speaking to others. But, you must understand that when you see this rudeness, four times out of five I am in an argument. I hope I have answered most of your questions and I hope you all have a great time on Sploder and to avoid me if you dislike drama. And as reinforcement, I am not feeling negative. Happy December all!" 12/5/2015 what M0derator390 said lightheartedly as Hectabyte on his Anytephius account's page.

Rumours Made by Him

Those rumors are likely to big fat lies after all.

One of popular rumors made by M0derator390 is: Megarayquaza being Nightshield10 . Some people believed that is true but here we have a screenshot that Megarayquaza 's IP doesn't match Nightshield10 . This rumor started flame wars and arguments. He was trying accuse people telling the truth, liers, imbecile, ignorant, arrogant and other words to describe people who are not very smart.

All he had to do is to hack Layra 's email, read an email from Megarayquaza and take a screenshot, then he edited the screenshot to make that lie look like the truth. The lie may not be accurate as the rest of the email. It could be have been put on the wrong pixel row. It managed to trick Thederpoftime. However his supporters are Manpoo , Lolmaster , Head3000 and the other hackers. If Manpoo and M0derator390 are enemies, does he still belive in that rumor or not?

Another one of rumors is the return of Neptus in 2016. M0derator390 started to pretend that he is Neptus by making another gmail account. He pretended to be Megarayquaza's ally, but then Powerup123313 quickly found out that the fake Neptus was m0derator390 after all. It did not last for a long time.\

But truly. Megarayquaza isnt Nightshield10. Nightshield10 was originaly Legohead781 or Jaydurus112. He was making inappropriate games before Megarayquaza was even involved in the MS drama.


  • He is extremely hated by the Sploder community.
  • Has well over a dozen hate messages from other users on his page, as well as humiliation attempts.
  • He has a LOT of alternates.
  • There is a possibility that he uses various software for hacking, as he claims to have.
  • His only goal was to humiliate people he hated, unlike other malicious users who targeted the entire community.
  • Claims that he does many of his hateful actions for amusement.
  • Suprisingly, he did have supporters. (ie. Dolphin72)
  • Stalked people he found interesting or hated.
  • Claims he is of Russian descent.
  • In Four Ways to Kill Tvnetworkgirl 2, the last level featured Tvnetworkgirl acting as a suicide bomber and attempting to blow up the Eiffel Tower. This is a reference to the recent November Friday 13 Paris Attacks.
  • M0derator390's avatar is blank with red eyes.
  • There have been many fake M0derator390 accounts. The real ones have his avatar.
  • He had about 988 plays before his account was suspended.
  • He named himself after the hated Moderator390, known for enciting chaos and faking terrorist attacks.
  • He has been IP banned at least 17 times, yet he keeps utilizing proxies.
  • His games can still be accessed by searching "m0derator390 sploder" on a search engine.
  • His intro is very similar to Pieman224's.
  • At first he attempted to act like Moderator390 returning to Sploder by claiming false terrorist attacks. (ie. Bombing Washington D.C.)
  • Was the main cause of Layra no longer being active.
  • The fakes on Sploder Wiki that claim to be M0derator390 who vandalize articles are confirmed fakes made by the friends of Megarayquaza in order to get "revenge" on him. (revealed on Sploderheads)
  • He told the most false information out of all Sploder members.
  • He tried to get everyone to believe in his lies and tries put his lies to look like the truth but no we caught him out.
  • He tried to reveal people's locations.
  • He was against good people for very bad reasons.
  • He tried to use better words to make his lies look like the truth.
  • He IQ tests people on what they are not good at, so that he can just bully them for getting low IQ scores.
  • He tries to create rumors and starts flames wars with people who try to tell the truth. He also accusses people telling the truth, lying.
  • He tried to get everyone to have the Nazi's religion, It won't ever happen.

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