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M0derator490 apparently is Mcjuggernuggets. He is a user on Sploder who makes inappropriate games (not moderately inappropriate) and trolls people. He also registers accounts on Sploder Wikia to do vandalism and spam. He is Vonhaxer3s brother and possibly a Son of Neptus. He was impostering on M0derator390 for creating a fake email under Neptus`s username. He bullies random users in SploderHeads and makes bullying games to popular Sploder Members. He sometimes acts like Abcilikepie.

He also made games like Abcilikepie, like CRY MEGARAYQUAZA and PUT PEANUT BUTTER IN CHITTYS EAR. He was somehow defeated though.

Sploder Wikia Vandalism

M0derator490 is moderately famous for creating accounts on Sploder Wikia and vandalizing it. He creates accounts under M0derator390s pseudonym names (e.g. Anechka). He also made a game saying that Neptus was gonna go under the name The Dark M0derator and do severe vandalism attacks.

Alts on the Wikia

The final alt is Knee02s brother called The Dark M0derator but he is probably saving that account for severe vandalism attacks.


M0derator490 is also Vonhaxer3s older brother. He was getting revenge on M0derator390 for making an email called He pretended to be M0derator390 by making hate games. But saying that he was Vonhaxer3s older brother gave out that he wasnt M0derator390.


M0derator490s games at first were not inappropriate. They were just hate, insults and swearing. But now M0derator490 posts pornographic content on the Main Site. He copies games from one of Kidneyeviltwins alts Manpooeviltwin. He also copies them from an account called "Tylerissoawsome".


Users Hated Most

  • 12stasia = Hinted that M0derator490 wasn't Anytephius


  • Already 3 pages on hate games.
  • He is already banned.
  • He knew Megarayquaza isnt Nightshield10 but he pretended to think that as meaning to pose on Anytephius.
  • He created Kidneyeviltwin.
  • He is trying to make a forums account with Knee02s username.
  • In late 2016, his second account M0derator490 got suspended. His first was Mcjuggernuggets. He then moved onto Sonic1113.
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