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Suspension is an account status given to a malicious Sploder member. They are the most severe kind of punishment on Sploder.

A green avatar with crossed eyes, a frown, and tears is used to represent suspended members.

They are given to an account where bans do not suffice.


In 2013, account Quaratines became a discontinued feature.


  • The profile says "This account has been suspended".
  • Users that are suspended cannot log in. 
  • Games can still be played if they were not deleted by Geoff.
  • Members can still post messages on the suspended person's games.
  • From Monday 5th September 2016 ownards, the suspended user's games will become unplayable.


  • Geoff is the only known user that can do this.
  • The suspended avatar originates from the same avatar used for PoW Camp members before the SMF switch in July 2012.
  • Neptus is the first user to be suspended.

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