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Joined:3 years ago (Fall, 2011)
Last Visit:Dec. 26
Total Plays:51,173
Contests Won:10
About Me:Hello there :D You can call me Mai. Don't be afraid to drop by and leave a hi on my page. If you have any questions, requests or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.
Member of the day on:August 15th, 2014

Maiphantomhive is a relatively popular game-maker and moderator (as of December 2014) on Sploder. Her activity is on and off. She joined around late 2011, but only started to get active around January or February 2013. From then on, Phantomhive continued to create games and rise to stardom until October of 2013, where she was caught in a dispute with Flowersarepretty and Sadyoshi. The whole conflict was similar to the Sceptile one, except in this case Phantomhive left with a sorry note rather than revenge and rage. 

Phantomhive returned on July 3rd of 2014 with a new game; a recreation of Flappy Bird which became a big hit, with approximately 8500 views (as of December. 7). She is active to this day, however she has chosen not to continue creating games until the next summer. She recieved her Moderator position at the end of 2014.

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Maiphantomhive on the daily Top Member's Board (Jul. 19)


Maiphantomhive is generally very friendly and is liked by most MS sploderians. However, she is known for her occasional sensitivity. She dislikes it when users use a popular idea of hers without consulting/crediting. Besides this, she tries her best to be kind and helpful towards other Sploderians. 

She has an active account on the forums under the same username (maiphantomhive) and is currently ranked as an MSOE/Private with 5000+ posts. Her forums account was made in February, 2013 although she began posting in August, 2014.

Member of the Day

Maiphantomhive is known for recieving the first ever Member Of The Day (August 15, 2014) and the first Member Of The Week (August 23, 2014) title on Sploder. 




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