The Major rank was the 4th highest rank of the Sploder Community Forums, before it was deleted in early 2012 because of its uncanny resemblance to the Lieutenant rank. Users of the Major rank were Soldiers who were selected as mature, intelligent and helpful members by those that voted in the Major League and the Lieutenant League. Users who were Majors could see 2 special categories; The Barracks and The Bunker.

Majors were the lowest rank that were allowed to have authority over threads. They could Fuse, Splode or Sink threads as they saw fit. Their responsibility was lighter than a Soldier's; if a Major broke a small rule, they would be forgiven, but would have been dropped down to the Soldier rank if repeated a second time. The name origin for Major refers to the Military rank in between a Captain and a Lieutenant Colonel.

Later, the Major League was changed to the Lieutenant League, and all Majors were promoted to Lieutenants due to the fact that sploder forums were getting overrun with applicants. They still are, though.

The Major rank was brought back in 2013 after recieving many requests from the users but removed later.

The rank still exists on the Sploder Discord.

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