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Makever 96


Real Name:Unknown
Age:17 years old
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:Israel Israel
Joined:November 27th, 2009
Member of the Day on:December 10th, 2014

Makever is a Speeder member who joined in 2009 and known as the creator of "Jumpie" and "Cooperators", and also responsible for the List Of Members Of The Day.

About makever

"I'm Makever(you can call me Make), I'm a 16 years old boy from Israel who create and play games, Sploder is most fun website I have ever played and I will never leave it! :D"


MAKE GAMES(the most important hobby), watching YTP videos, play Sploder and online games, draw, listening to video games music, and "printscreen" things from the internet.

Favorite Sports

Working on games and playing games.

Favorite Games

Sploder PPG games: Jumpie(that's my game LOL), Psychotic Pong 3, Crafty Castle 2, The Birds And The Bees, Shift, Puzzle Blocks Inc., Perplexity, Flightless, Demon.

Whom I Respect

The good members on Sploder



Makever's Information


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Basic Info

Level: 250 Games: 12
Awards: 161 Graphics: 12+
Friends: 2925 Total Views: 42,287
Play Time: 0:00 Total Votes: 1,698


Votes Cast: 210 Comments made: 2872 view »
Vote average: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar Tributes made: 0
Group Memberships: 77 Group Ownerships: 1


5-star faves: 1223 Comments received: 3170
Favorites: 316 Tributes received: 2
Comment rating: 0.8647 Contests won: 7


Forums nickname: makever Registered: November 07, 2013, 11:15 AM
Status: Speeder Stars: FullstarFullstar
Posts: 580 (0.509 per day) Karma: +158/-0
Makever&#039;s awards
Makever fsignature


Makever's Games

Games made: 12

Games Switching SidesCooperatorsCooperators DEMOJumpieJumpie DEMO3d sceptileif members will have sceptile intro3d KirbyEven my body is not safeMakever IntroThe Running Green HillPesthero Level 1 To 22

"Switching Sides"

ContestWinnerLogo Contest Winner
If you need help, watch Switching Sides' walkthorugh: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Check out Switching Sides' thread on the forums:,485018.0.html ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Switching Sides is a strategic, multidirectional, survival shooter game, which was developed since May 2nd, 2016. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: You (the player) belong to your side in a maze-based small world which is referred as a "conscience" in the game. There are two souls (Drone Turret and Tank), which can switch to your side when you bounce against them. There are two grey vehicles (Convoy Units) which belong to your side and need to be escorted to the end of their roads (Convoy Exits), but they are blocked by doors which you can't reach. In order to unlock the doors, you have two inventory rooms to get into, which have inside switches that unlock the doors. While a door is unlocked, you can get a power-up in one of the inventory rooms, or an enemy which belong the "other side" with all the enemies, can come and try to attack the two souls. The two souls can attack the enemies, until an enemy bounce against one of the souls and it switches to the "other side". In order to win the game, there are in addition more tasks to complete: capturing crystals, returning blue flags home and retrieving supply drops. You must complete all the missions before the 20 minutes time limit runs out. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: In the war of two sides in the conscience, you can choose a future for the two souls! ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Thank you for reading, watching and playing!

Release Date: 8·10·16

Creator: Classic

Levels: 1

Views: 2426

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 18 Votes

Tags: switchingsidesshootermakeversurvivalmultidirectionalstrategystrategicgamemultimultipletasktasksaugust10th2016egd10egd10

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ContestWinnerLogo Contest Winner
WARNING, the game might be slow and laggy on your computer!, Cooperators is an EGD 9 enrty and a puzzle platformer PPG that has the subject of "cooperation" and it's a tribute to some awesome games on Sploder!, if you can't beat this game, watch the walkthrough: [1], EGD 9 achievements: 1st place at amatuer bracket, 1st place at PPG bracket and 2nd place in overall, Thanks to all the supporters of me! (game was created by Makever).

Release Date: 7·9·15

Creator: Physics

Levels: 8

Views: 2926

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstar 58 Votes

Tags: kai2003hasputtedthetagherewarningmakevercooperatorsegd9puzzleplatformercooperationcoop8levelsawesomecoolgreatneat5starsrandoebleepsplayifrandoesplodewhosaidrandoebleepsbistbleepbistripsmoderatorsrandoepewdiekids1hasswagratedclassic

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"Cooperators DEMO"

Cooperators has been published, play it now:, this puzzle platformer that has the subject of "cooperation" and it's a tribute to some awesome games on Sploder, if you can't beat this game, watch the walkthrough:, GOOD LUCK! (game was made by Makever).

Release Date: 5·19·15

Creator: Physics

Levels: 1

Views: 3051

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstar 101 Votes

Tags: cooperatorsdemogamecomingsoonpuzzleplatformermakever1levelawesomeepicamazingbestgameeverawsome

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ContestWinnerLogo Contest Winner
You are a rabbit whose name is Jumpie, and as a rabbit you can only jump!, Use the UP arrow to jump right and use the W key to jump left, if you're stuck in this game so here's a walkthrough for you:, also check out the youtube review of Jumpie by Thebluesun:, Epicosauruss chose Jumpie to be game of the year 2014 (Jumpie's greatest achievement), GOOD LUCK!!! (Game was made by Makever and was featured by Gerald123)

Release Date: 12·6·14

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 15989

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 247 Votes

Tags: tooooocooolthisgameiscursedbygretimisthisgameiscursedduarghjumpiegamefunadventurejumprabbitfrogmakeversploderenjoygreatawesomeamare

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"Jumpie DEMO"

Jumpie has been published, play the game now: [2]. jump to right with UP arrow, jump to left with W key , if you can't beat this game, here is a link for video which can help you: [3],I will make a second demo that will be easier and nicer, good luck!

Release Date: 9·22·13

Creator: Physics

Levels: 1

Views: 2426

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 85 Votes

Tags: kai2003hasputtedthetaghereomgdemojumpwowadventurefrograbbitepiccoolgraphiccreativeawesomeawsomemakevershouldbefeatured

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"3d sceptile"

ContestWinnerLogo Contest Winner
If the will be in the contest winner, I will make a copyable version of this game and part 2, also don't forget to nominate or vote if you like it, even the members in the game!!!, bye!(created by Makever)

Release Date: 9·1·13

Creator: Physics

Levels: 1

Views: 1913

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 184 Votes

Tags: awsomeawesomegreatcoolepic3dnicesweetsceptile2levelsgoodunbelievablemakever

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"if members will have sceptile intro"

ContestWinnerLogo Contest Winner
If the will be the contest winner, I will make a copyable version of this game and the people in the highscore will get an award, also don't forget to nominate and vote if you like it, bye!(created by Makever)

Release Date: 8·31·13

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 2811

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 206 Votes

Tags: futurekantoterogoodepiccoolawesomeawsomemakevergeoffthegoldkingfuturemillionarenoob9levelsreligious2vaxen2chloride2introsceptilepewdiekids1putthistagherekarnage42washerekai2003hasputtedthetaghereshasha123gocookiesandsmileswashere

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"3d Kirby"

ContestWinnerLogo Contest Winner
The people who in the high-score will get a gold award, (made by Makever)

Release Date: 8·26·13

Creator: Physics

Levels: 1

Views: 4671

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 318 Votes

Tags: epiccoolnicepretty1levelpixels3dcreationkirbymakeversweetaxxe

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"Even my body is not safe"

ContestWinnerLogo Contest Winner
This my intro , I hope that you like it! Oh, one more thing, if this game will be the contest winner, I will give to all the sploderians in the highscore a gold medal!!!

Release Date: 8·16·13

Creator: Physics

Levels: 2

Views: 3008

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstarEmptystar 180 Votes

Tags: nicholasokwtwcagemakevernicolascagehilariousfunnyshort20132levelsgoodweirdfuneasythatsmeawardcoolbody

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"Makever Intro"

This my intro , I hope that you like it! Oh, one more thing, if this game will be the contest winner, I will give to all the sploderians in the highscore a gold medal!!!

Release Date: 8·6·13

Creator: Physics

Levels: 3

Views: 718

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstar 97 Votes

Tags: coolamazingawesomeintromakevershortnicebestaward

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"The Running Green Hill"

Hi there, my name is Makever and I'm glad that you tried my game!!! Now, run from the bats and find the escape pod, good luck!!!

Release Date: 5·31·10

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 1

Views: 885

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstarEmptystar 83 Votes

Tags: makever

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"Pesthero Level 1 To 22"

Release Date: 11·28·09

Creator: Platformer

Levels: 1

Views: 913

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 80 Votes

Tags: makever

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Makever's Groups

Makever's groups: 1

Makever's group memberships: 77

j9ujexzq_96.png Jumpie Fans

Level: 5802

Members: 70

View group memberlist

Have you enjoyed to play Jumpie?, so this the group for you, share your love of Jumpie with everyone!


The History of Makever


Early Life, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Early Life

Yet unknown. (please be kind and find information to fill in)


* Makever joined sploder and made two game serieses: Pesthero (Platformer) and Nano Driver (Shooter), they were Makever's earliest creations.


* Makever made a game called "The Running Green Hill".


Yet unknown. (please be kind and find information to fill in)


Yet unknown. (please be kind and find information to fill in)


* After long years of unactivity, Makever returns on July and makes some silly games and sends many friend requests in order to get attention on the Main Site.

  • On September 17th, Makever published a demo for his game "Jumpie", which the first level's development was since September 12th, but the demo later get updates.
  • Makever deleted completely his Nano Driver and Pesthero serieses expect the first game in Psethero and "The Running Green Hill".


*After a long development when Makever claims he got sometimes lazy, on December 6th, Makever publishes "Jumpie" in a full version. This is Makever's first featured game (the game was featured by Gerald123 on December 10th). Jumpie raises Makever's popularity on the Main Site and among game makers. Jumpie got more than 1,700 views on the first week and more than 3,000 views on the first month, although it got votes slowly from members. Makever later made the group "Jumpie Fans" for the game's fans. Jumpie has today close to 16,000 views, 242 votes of 4.4 rating and 3 reviews.


* Makever won the "Game of the Year 2014" contest on the Forums by Epicosauruss in PPG category (with Armored Warfare by Netshark) and in overall category. This event has made Makever being active on the forums.

  • On January 28th, Makever starts to create his second PPG "Cooperators" (sometimes written: "Co-Operators"). Makever first reveals his new project on the Forums, Makever needed help from members to find a name for the game (Check out this thread).

On May 19th, Makever published Cooperators' demo and later signs his game to Epic Game Drop 9 contest as a request from people who enjoyed playing the demo. Cooperators was published on July 9th 2016 for EGD 9 on the last moment and remains unfinsihed since it planned to have 36 levels instead of 28. After Cooperators' release, the game received positive comments by game makers and members by the game's concept that mixes similiar older concepts made on PPG, but many members claimed this game to be slow-paced and laggy for them due the large amount of objects and graphics. Cooperators was taken out of the EGD 9's PPG public vote since Makever asked many people to vote Cooperators, Makever later apologized in a thread and claims he was afraid to lose since Contrast by Opengangs gained more votes in the public vote. Cooperators was the most viewed game before EGD 9's featuring schedule and later was the last on the schedule. Cooperators won 1st place in EGD 9's PPG Bracket, 1st place Amateur Bracket due having less than 2 features at the time, and 2nd place in overall next to Nesting Box by Sto4 (1st place) and Owl Slayer by Bobbler(3rd place). Cooperators was entered succesfully to the Epic Game Library (but it doesn't show up due Geoff who hasn't updated the page), later Owl Slayer entered too after Bobbler was asking for a recount for his game and was jealous of Cooperators' place in EGL. Cooperators has got a small amount of 2,000 views, but has received 55 votes of 4.8 rating that is rarely seen on Sploder, and 2 positive reviews.


Makever published "Switching Sides".


Makever's Gallery

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