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Real Name:Unknown
Age:Unknown years old
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:United states United States
Last Visit:2016
Member of the Day on:No day

Mangabros101 is a member of Sploder. Mangabros101 loves making games. He made a bunch of platformers, and arcade games. Unfortunately, he deleted most of them, and began his graphics era. He created a nonpopular game called Pixel. He gave up on Sploder shortly after, and came back a few months ago. He realized since his game was going nowhere, he decided to make games for fun. 2 months later he created Pixel 2. Once it came out it attained, in a few hours, 20 views. He claims to have never had as many views before. The next day was probably his best. Once he sat in his computer and saw that his game was featured, he was shocked. 2 days later his game had gained 1,000 views. He was also number 5 in that day's top members. However, he currently isn't.

Future Games

"Well right now i am focusing on my new plat-former game called Defender's Journey" -Mangabros said commenting to Mercurios's comment in his page. 

  • Now that graphics can be added to Platformer Games Mangabros101 claims he is going to create one.
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