Real Name:Unknown
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:Brazil Brazil
Last Visit:2019 (anytime)
Member of the Day on:November 1st, 2018
Manolinho5 is a brazilian sploder member that beeborobot666 is known for making a inappropriate game of him.

How beeborobot666 became manolinho5's enemy

When beeborobot666 made a inappropriate game of manolinho5, Manolinho5 and beeborobot666 became enemies. but beeborobot666 got suspended and he created another account called robotpointo as a getaway account.


Manolinho5 speaks just 2 languages because he lives in brazil. Here is the list of the languages he uses:

  1. Portuguese (most used)
  2. English (used anytime)


Manolinho5 friends

The list of manolinho5's friends. (Note there are not too many friends because some mechanism makes it shorten)

Manolinho5 has 794 friends on sploder.


  • Due to him living in brazil and speaking portuguese, His name resembles a brazilian name. But spanish people call manolinho manolito.
  • There has been a spanish version of him called manolito5.
  • It may be unknown why manolinho5, rodrigolima1, leonardotexc, and ruvymuleyne are friends.
  • He had a giant party time when beeborobot666 got banned.
  • His 13th friend is himself due to the glitch that allows you to friend yourself using 2 accounts. This also happened to robotpointo.
  • He started a war against robotpointo because he muted leonardotexc.
  • In 2018, he once got unexpectedly muted along with ruvymuleyne, and leonardotexc getting muted for absolutely no reason at all. But when robotpointo muted leonardotexc, the war was on.
  • He may be on a adventure to level 250.


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