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Real Name:Christopher
Age:13 years old
Birth Date:February 16th, 2004
Country:Germany Germany
Member of the Day on:December 28th, 2014

Mariogame3333 is an ex-Sploder game creator. He used to make physic puzzle games.


Mariogame3333 created his Sploder account in 2012. His first game was a platformer called "Battle before the comet comes" He continued to make platformers for a rather long time, none of them would ever truly get any plays. He slowly transitioned to making games with the Physics Puzzle Maker, he started with relatively bad games, but their quality would increase over time. However they would never become feature-worthy. On January 4th, 2015 he would release his most popular game to date. It was called There Is No Pause Button, it was a Sploder version of the original mobile game of the same name. There Is No Pause Button has over 19.000 plays as of November 2017. He would continue making games and movies until October 2015. When he officially retired.

Bans and inactivity

Mariogame3333 was banned 4 times. The most severe and long ban he has had was in 2016 and it lasted for months. He is also permbanned on the Sploder forum for posting porn. These bans resulted in major inactivity from Mariogame3333, although he recently did return and is relatively active.

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