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Joined:8 years ago
Last Visit:6 years ago
Total Plays:15
Contests Won:0
About Me:N/A
Member of the day on:January 31st 2015

Me is a user on the Sploder Main Site that joined eight years ago and left about two years later, in which during those two years published a classic shooter game called pips, accumulating a supportive fifteen views over the years.

There have been many puns affiliated with the stated username, in which a substantial amount of tributes was given to this user, which gives rise to the reason that users during those eight years has been sending tributes to themselves in the form 'Tribute to me'. This has caused a vast range of discussion in the past, until it ceased into silence for two years.

On the 2nd of February 2015, Me won the title of Member of the Day, ten days after Quavo.

From a bust of confusion to 'unfair system' to 'hacking claims' , Me's MS page became solely popular with over forty comments all in the same first day.


  • On January the 23rd of 2015, Quavo was appointed the title of Member of the Day. Ten days later, Me won the same title. This has been accused of 'possibly being linked' and that something or someone is the perpetrator behind this 'abusive madness'
  • The user 'Me' has an already 79 tributes, which supports the fact that users has been sending tributes to themselves in the past eight years.


Please note that all pictures in there redirect to Me's profile.

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