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Megarayquaza is a very popular user for making Pokémon games. However, he is infamous for whenever he sees someone being inappropriate, he likes to join them in making them. He was banned from supporting Layra. Some people like him, other people like Kirbyhammer100, Slothlion, and Funnyleaguye70 don't really like him. He is concerned about stopping inappropriate users like Ryanswagg20 and Itsyours, he'd rather encourage others to get them flagged as soon as possible. He is now Knee, Users like Manpoo and Pewdiekids1 figured that out quickly. He became good friends with 12stasia.


Megarayquaza was banned for supporting a female hacker called Layra. He really wanted to be unbanned, but you don't always get what you want. Other players like LightningShadow, Kai2003 and Shadowslice have tried to help him get unbanned. They all hate him now. LightningShadow even made an account called Pikachuex2 for him to talk again. But it was obvious it was him from the name. He also talked a bit in Thewinner2 account. He still wants to be unbanned.


  • He is good at making Pokémon games and graphics.
  • He is banned for a helping Layra evade.
  • He claimed the TheUndead1o1 account, Theundead101 should be greatful for that.
  • Other users have tried to help him evade, like 12stasia.
  • His name, Megarayquaza is named after a Pokémon.
  • He friends every profile he goes to, even if they are not his friends.
  • He got suspended for some reason.

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Knee is yet another attempt by the controversial user Megarayquaza at creating an alternate account. Megarayquaza decided that he would leave Sploder for a few weeks and return with a new account. But he only left for one week and he returned with Knee, and users like Manpoo, Pewdiekids1 and M0derator390 figured out quickly that he was Megarayquaza, and he got banned. Some people like 12stasia didn't believe he was Megarayquaza but now she does.

When Knee joined Sploder he sent random friend requests to random people and leveled up quickly. He was in the list of Sploder Rocketeers. Within 2 weeks he was level 250. He doesn't best anyone because he treats all his friends the same.

After a while Knee decided to leave Sploder. He is still a bit active from time to time, on accounts he has hacked.


Pikachuex was just an account Megarayquaza created to evade SploderHeads Multiplayer Game bans and comment. However, it was obviously Megarayquaza by it's username, and Pikachuex got banned. 12stasia tried to convince the moderators that Pikachuex was not Megarayquaza, and that ended up getting 12stasia banned for 2 weeks.

Pikachuex was then hacked by Sniperwolf8890 and he loaded the account with porn, and tried to convince everyone he was Megarayquaza himself doing it.


Electrons is unfortunately another ban evasion of Megarayquaza. He acted like a new member, did not talk to his old friends, made new friends, but because he leveled up so fast and the way he posts, it was obvious that he was Megarayquaza and he got banned. Electrons disabled commenting on his profile to prevent flame wars.

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