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On Sploder, the term Member means a user of Sploder that has registered. They have certain abilities that Guests don't have. Such as: Saving and publishing games, boosting games, making Collections, voting for Member Of The Day and Member Of The Week, and a few others...

Types of Members

There are somewhat different types of members. Some are popular and their games get a lot of views, while some members rarely get views. Most members who get a lot of views stay on Sploder for a long time, while members who get very few views leave Sploder in at most, the first year.

Popular members who get good views can sometimes win Member of the Day or Member of the Week.

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  • There are currently more than 3.22 million members registered on Sploder and only about 570 members exists in this wiki (which is literally 0.0177% of all members) as of April 23rd, 2020. The statistics are still counting.
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