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Total Plays:20,000
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Minjazemunka241981, also known as Minjaze or Arcanus, is a member on Sploder, he is best known for creating the group S.C.O.U.R.G.E. on the Sploder Community Forums.

He joined the site in 2010 and the forum, earning 3 features since his registration.


Minjaze is self-described as prideful, lazy, and selfish. Though he doesn't truly show them on sploder. He tends to be very friendly, respecting, and calm. Minja's heabily communist and is seen supporting the ideals of Windstorm. He's not the most academically knowledgeable, but he loves to create and imagine. His dream job is VG design and writing. He's best friends with Kittysocks, now known as Loki. They became friends back in December of 2013, and have had a vivid friendship up until May of 2015. That's when Kitty was forced to be away from internet for months at a time, and coincedentally is when Minjaze SAD symptoms started to expose. They've been trying to rekindle the relationship, but it hasn't been working out due to time restraints on both parties. He became a Soldier in 2014 and has been waiting for his Moderator badge for a while now.


Minjazemunka241981 is a member of 63 groups.

His most notable group is S.C.O.U.R.G.E, created in 2012 for the sake of role-playing. It has 188 total members so far, achieving a rank of 11520.

Minjazemunka241981 has also recreated said group on the Sploder Community Forums, gaining both popularity and infamy. The original thread had a total of 2467 pages and 73,989 replies, earning the spot of top topic (by relplies) on the entire forum.

Unfortunately, the thread was locked on July 08, 2014. Though the original Mainsite group still exists.

A new thread was created for Scourge later by editing an old Scourge-related thread.



  • Minjazemunka241981 has another account called cobracommander1 and even a banned alt simply titled 'Minjazealt'
  • The Scourge thread was once featured for a prominent time.
  • 'Envy' was minjazemunka241981's first feature.
  • Minjazemunka241981 is a member on Deviantart. His username is 'Legionshadow'
  • Minjazemunka241981 was promoted to Soldier at the same time as the member Redstorm97.
  • 'The Realm Of Shattered Dimensions' is Minjazemunka241981's first game to win a contest.
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