Real life inspiration


A nuclear missle.

The Missile is a super-powered projectile weapon used in real life warfare, and can come in many different sizes, shapes, and compositions. The Sploder Missile serves the same purpose as a projectile weapon used to battle enemies or destroy obstacles.



The Player firing a Missle.

The Sploder Missile has the crude animation of small rocket with red indents on the end and a white shade on the top. When launched, blue clouds of smoke emit from the bottom, as a sign of energetic combustion.

Uses in Battle

The Missile inflicts 2.4%-2.6% damage on the Player during the Ship Game creator, and 2.1% damage on the Player in the Robot Game creator. The Player is capable of firing an initial limit of 30 Missiles at once, more with the help of Power-ups, especially the "Missiles" Shooter Power-up, which gives the Player an additional 10 Missiles to fire. Some Shooter Enemies are capable of firing Missiles as well, the same way as the Player does.

The Missiles last 0.6 seconds against the Player's laser, and 0.8 seconds against the Player's barrage of Pellets. The Missiles are also homing, which means that once they are fired, they follow the target until it hits the target or loses speed and combusts after 4-9 seconds.

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