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Real Name:Unknown
Age:14 years old
Birth Date:Unknown
Country:Serbia Serbia
Joined:November 2015
Member of the Day on:January 5th, 2016

mixbr0 is a member in sploder.

About mixbr0

"Hi,i'm Mixbr0,a proud 14 year old gamemaker who has dreams of making video games and this site is a great start."


Doing nothing all day! Just kidding. I play video games, watch TV and (obviously) make games. I also like to draw. This is my DeviantART Profile:

Favorite Sports

Ummm...does gaming count?

Favorite Games

Too many to count.

Favorite Bands

Band-Aids! :D

Whom I Respect

You! :D (If you are not a hacker/bully)



Mixbr0's Information


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Basic Info

Level: 50 Games: 6
Awards: 55 Graphics: 12+
Friends: 377 Total Views: 4,472
Play Time: 0:00 Total Votes: 177


Votes Cast: 170 Comments made: 2525 view »
Vote average: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstar Tributes made: 1
Group Memberships: 41 Group Ownerships: 2


5-star faves: 119 Comments received: 2596
Favorites: 342 Tributes received: 2
Comment rating: 0.8637 Contests won: 0


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Forums nickname: mixbr0 Registered: December 31, 2015, 10:30 AM
Status: Speeder Stars: FullstarFullstar
Posts: 513 (2.192 per day) Karma: +109/-0
He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard!

Signature text:

1st Thank - Bluebomb

69th Thank - NaZa

100th Thank - Meowmeowfurrycat


Mixbr0's Games

Games made: 6

Games Dragworld DemoTrollface QuestBirthday Tribute to 5misterThe Christmas GameRemoverRoll

"Dragworld Demo"

No more retirement for me! This is a Demo version of my new game. Hope you enjoyed the Demo and if you have any ideas just write them down in the comments, so i can improve this game. ;)

Release Date: 5·23·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 3

Views: 1370

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 41 Votes

Tags: actionthisgamesgamehardfuncooleasyadventureawesomegoodwarimpossiblespacethebattleiscrystalmonsterawsomebestplaykillcrystalsescape

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"Trollface Quest"

Welcome to Trollface Quest. The Troll has made some challenges just for you and if you pass them all,you might get...wait for it...a troll medal! So hurry up and troll The Troll! :D Walktrough:

Release Date: 2·4·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 1514

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstarEmptystar 53 Votes

Tags: gamesthisactionescapecrystalskillplaybestawsomemonstercrystalisbattlethespaceimpossiblewargoodawesomeadventureeasycoolfunhardgame

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"Birthday Tribute to 5mister"

Happy Birthday 5mister! :D

Release Date: 1·2·16

Creator: Physics

Levels: 5

Views: 91

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstar 10 Votes

Tags: actionthisgamesescapecrystalskillplaybestawsomemonstercrystalisbattlethespaceimpossiblewargoodawesomeadventureeasycoolfunhardgame

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"The Christmas Game"

My Christmas special! It took me 2 days to make. Merry Christmas everyone!

Release Date: 12·24·15

Creator: Physics

Levels: 8

Views: 142

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarHalfstar 13 Votes

Tags: actionthisgamesescapecrystalskillplaybestawsomemonstercrystalisbattlethespaceimpossiblewargoodawesomeadventureeasycoolfunhardgame

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This game was hard to make,but here it is! The goal of the game is to remove all red shapes,but to keep the balance. Have fun! :)

Release Date: 12·15·15

Creator: Physics

Levels: 7

Views: 824

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 39 Votes

Tags: gamesthisactionescapecrystalskillplaybestawsomemonstercrystalisbattlethespaceimpossiblewargoodawesomeadventureeasycoolfunhardgame

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My first game! I made it to look and play like an arcade game. So insert a coin and have fun :)

Release Date: 12·6·15

Creator: Physics

Levels: 9

Views: 530

Rating: FullstarFullstarFullstarFullstarEmptystar 21 Votes

Tags: gamehardfuncooleasyadventureawesomegoodwarimpossiblespacethebattleiscrystalmonsterawsomeplaybestkillcrystalsescapeactionthisgames

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Mixbr0's groups: 2

Mixbr0's group memberships: 41

nf7gb3hk_96.png MixerBr0thers

Level: 3560

Members: 57

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Group for MixerBr0thers and MixerSi5ters! Owner:MixBr0

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eg6qpk4f_96.png Sploder Con

Level: 628

Members: 7

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You know whet do we need? Sploder Con! This group is a group just for discussing about the idea of Sploder Con! (You must over the age of 12 to join.)


The History of Mixbr0


Early Life, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Early Life

Yet unknown. (please be kind and find information to fill in)


Mixbr0 was bored and wanted to make a game, so he searched in google "Make your own game" and found sploder, then he tried to create a game in the Arcade Creator, but he found out he need to have an account to save the game so he made an account called TheDarkLord555, and made the game "N00b guy wants doritoes", he decided to not publish it, same for the game "Escape the LOL School" he made on the Platformer, he's first published game was "Super Mario bros. 4 World 1" after he saw the publish button, he's most popular game was "Super Mario 64 demo" and kept making games on the Shooter


After some time Mixbr0 lost his popularity decided to leave sploder at December 30th 2014.


Rejoined sploder as Mixbr0 and made 3 games, he also joined the forums.


Mixbr0 made 3 more games and he's still active nowadays.


Mixbr0's Gallery

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Last Update: 23.12.2016

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