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Mjduniverse is a member of Sploder[1]. He is well known for making Sploder games about his Alphazoidverse series[2]. Many of these games were Why Kids Should't games.


Before Joining

Before joining Sploder, Mjdunivers was extremely obscure on the internet. In 2010, he created a website named "". This website was dedicated to the Alphazoidverse series. In May 2012, he renamed to Before he joined Sploder, Mjduniverse was active on websites such as 3D Warehouse. There, he created 3D models that were part of the Alphazoidverse series, and these were referred to as "The Johnny Family".


He joined on July 3, 2012, and was online for 1 day. Afterwards, He left Sploder for 9 months.


He returned in March 2013. He then made several Sploder games. Some of these games were Why Kids Should'nt games that involved Religious2's charcter Joe. However, he soon decided to make games involving the Alphazoidverse series character Zack. This is when the Alphazoidverse series On September 2, 2014, Mjduniverse won Member Of The Day.


On December, 7th 2014 Mjduniverse passed Sploder's Moderator Swag Recruitment of 2014 and was accepted by Liamnight.


On December 12 2014 he received the Moderator badge. It was later removed because he was one of the moderators that were the Sploder Ghost. He then went on a period of inactivity for nearly a year.


In early 2016, Mjduniverse returned to Sploder. However, he was not very active. Mjduniverse "retired" from making games in 2018, as a response to the fact that Sploder will probably be shut down in December of 2020. He recorded some of his games and put them on a YouTube channel Mjduniverse Sploder Archives.


Mjduniverse made several games, most of which were centered around his Alphazoidverse series. Many of them are however considered extracanonical by him, especially several of the Why Kids Shouldn't games. This is because they contained things that are not in the Alphazoidverse, such as YouTube.

However, not all of his games were about the Alphazoidverse.

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