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Sword, Kick, Swinging Crash

The Mongol is a human enemy in the Platformer games. It is the 9th enemy to be listed in the Enemies and Hazards Game Creator Category. The Mongol is an original game enemy. It is based off the typical Mongol warrior.


The Mongol is a relatively small enemy, whose attire consists of winter clothing that it wears as armor. The Mongol wears an orange spiked hat with large muffs that cover it's ears. The Mongol has beady eyes, no visible nose and a black pointed beard. It's coat is blue in color with red sleeves, and a white-patterned belt wrapping the two sides of the coat like a zipper. It's boots are large and tan brown.


Sword: The Mongol carries a scimitar larger than its main body. It deals 8%-11% damage to the Player per strike, and the damage is doubled in a swinging crash.

Powers and Abilities

The Mongol, along with the Robot, are the fastest land-based Platformer enemies. The Mongol is also one of the least durable enemies, and can be defeated from only 2 strikes from the Player's sword. The Mongol can only fight effectively on land.

Immense Speed: The Mongol possesses a tremendous amount of speed, catching up to the Player instantly from a distance away, and running 8x blocks per second. Its jumping ability rivals that of a Ninja Boy, but is more mobile airborne because of it's light weight.

Enhanced Mobility: The Mongol is a very mobile enemy, being able to dodge 50% of close range strikes and counter-attack by moving back and forth rapidly. It is able to go through advanced obstacle courses, something rare for a land-based enemy.

Enhanced Strength: The Mongol, like most enemies, is able to kick the Player a distance away and stun them. The Mongol can also climb up solid walls by hitting its sword against it with ease.


  • (All known glitches involving the Mongol will go here.)


  • They have the same speed as the skelly.

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